Fourteen years after buying my TORO riding mower it finally became apparent that it was never going to be around for year number fifteen. It was spending more time at Florida-Georgia Distributing Co. for repairs than cutting grass.

So, me, and my son Seabrook, who had taken over the “rider” position from me some years ago insisted on being part of the purchasing experience as we pulled in to the F-G D Co. parking lot. The plan was to buy another TORO arguably a fine and long lasting machine.

Off in a corner were several yellow painted WALKER lawnmowers. On the wall was a flat screen and while we were waiting for service I decided to peruse the exhibit. As I was checking them out a patron got my attention as he was departing the facility: “Those are the best mowers you can own! I’ve got two of them” Humm?

The film was engaging enough to peak my interest so when an employee came over I had a lot of questions. “Let me get the owner he’s expert on WALKERS” as my questions cascaded a bit too much for him to handle.

I knew the owner, he had even delivered my repaired TORO to my home on his way from work. I trusted his expertise and as it turned out he knew everything about the WALKERS and even used one on his on lawn. So I settled in for the spiel.

My son insisted (he’s good at insisting) once again that we needed to check out one other mower at a store he liked and one he used for sharpening mower blades.

Armed with all the information from Mike (owner dude from F-G D Co.) I listened to the salesman explain his fine fare. I did not wish to be rude but…. I asked him if the bearings had grease fittings – no all the bearings were sealed bearings. WALKERS uses zirk fittings throughout. The mower he showed had hydraulic drive but had to move power to the wheels through belts. WALKERS were direct drive to the wheels. I asked him about changing the blades. He suggested that it would be no problem to run the mower up a ramp and remove the blades with an air hammer. “Wouldn’t I need an air compressor to do that?” “Yes, but they’re cheap” he answered. The Walker floating front deck tilts up in front…easy access. Finally I asked if the blades ran from belts and of course they did. No belts to break on the WALKER as it runs from a shaft. The twin cylinder 19HP Kohler engine only runs the hydraulic transmission throughout.

OK here is a product I’ve got to have. I’m convinced the WALKER with all the unique conventions is the best mower I’d ever seen. Even Seabrook was convinced so I bought it.

OMG our lawn looks like a golf course. It’s made to last so even Seabrook’s grandkids will be cutting with the WALKER.

So what has this lawnmower got to do with the Emory line of bicycles? Our unique bicycles with components found on no other bicycles in the world; made to last several lifetimes will make their owners feel the same joy of AMERICAN MADE ownership that I felt from the WALKER mower.

I talked about it. I told all of my friends about it. I showed it proudly to complete strangers and I even took the reins away from Seabrook before he “insisted” on kicking me off.

I would be totally chuffed if everyone who buys an EMORY C4 feels just as delighted about their experience with EMORY C4 bicycles as I was with my beautiful yellow WALKER.

Gotta go, the grass is growing!

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