why does the room spin when drunk

However, once your liver has metabolized all that alcohol, you’ll likely begin to feel just plain drunk. The spins happen because of an odd effect alcohol has on your ears -- specifically, on three tiny, fluid-filled structures called the semicircular canals. After a few more hours, the alcohol has almost entirely left the blob of jelly. The direction in which the room spins depends upon which way your head hits the pillow.

As the night wears on, the alcohol gradually diffuses out of the little blobs of jelly, so the electrical signals slow down and the sensation of spinning lessens.

Welcome to … Why this happens is up for debate. This sensation can begin with a fairly low blood alcohol concentration (BAC) ; 0.08 percent is the legal cutoff, when it is no longer safe for someone to drive. This may be accompanied by an intense dizzy feeling, as if the whole room is spinning around you, no matter if you’re standing still, sitting, or even lying down. Some sources say that it’s because the liquid in the canals ends up getting a bit lighter, and so it starts responding to gravity as well as the motion of your head, and it starts to think that you’re spinning in the direction of the ground.

The stereocilia tell the brain that the body is moving much more than it actually is, so the person may feel like the room is spinning or the ground is moving.

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