where can i buy rosarita enchilada sauce

However, choosing the one with a reasonable price, but restaurant-quality sometimes turns out to be a hassle. With just 20 calories per serving and 0 g trans fat, Rosarita Enchilada Sauce is an easy way to add Mexican flavor to a delicious dinner. One of Guerrero's sons designed the picture of the Mexican woman for the logo. Today, Rosarita continues to offer premium quality sauces, refried beans, and whole beans in the Guerrero family tradition. You can even save more money because most of them are sold on Amazon. After opening, the remaining sauce can be stored in plastic containers. The only problem is the can that contains the sauce is easily damaged if being thrown or fallen that can’t avoid during transportation. Still, surprisingly, it was a store-bought can of processed enchilada sauce. Buy Now. I searched for the information about the sauce. Enchilada Sauce. Maybe they use more properly amount of each material, I don’t know, but as a consumer, I just care about the quality. My beliefs were strengthened when I read the ingredients of this sauce on the label and through reviews from other customers. No member photos or videos have been added yet.+ Add a Photo. The refined taste along with the fresh ingredients makes it one of the best enchilada sauces out there. I was not really successful in making Mexican food sometimes, but the sauce has become a lifesaver. Green chile puree and diced green chiles are the main ingredients of this sauce, they also provide the sauce with the beautiful greenish color and spicy flavor. Ingredient Beans. So what would be more suitable than a can of processed enchilada sauce? If you are a BBQ lover, this will be the best … 0 in cart. Fortunately, everything has changed since the day I found out the red enchilada sauce from Old El Paso. Although there is no sugar added, the sauce might seem just a little sweet for some people who don’t like sweetness. Today, Rosarita continues to offer premium quality sauces, refried beans, and whole beans in the Guerrero family tradition. They can be slightly high in price, flat in flavor, or runny in texture. Despite all being enchilada sauce, each of them has its own flavor. In the market today, it’s not hard to find a can of red enchilada sauce to complete your Mexican dish. How To Pick Out A Quiet Blender: No More Waking Up Your Roommates! Use it on your next Mexican dinner to please your entire family. The sauce is contained in a glass jar, so you don’t need to worry about a damaged or dented can. The fantastic thing is the sauce was the salvager of the whole dish that brought me the flavor of authentic Mexican food.

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