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Boys....Fergus, Nicholas, Philip, James? Horatio—Ancient name with new possibilities.

Peak Popularity: In the U.S., Shannon was most popular as a girl name in the 1970s and 1980s, reaching the top 20.

The Welsh names are similar, including Ioan and Ifan. United States Social Security Administration. Juliette—A romantic Shakespearean favorite that's new popular; this is the French spelling. Leopold—One of the old-fashioned boys' names that has shed its long gray beard and feels baby-ready again. Nola—One of those names that might be a short form — for Finola or Magnolia — but stands well on its own. William, Charles, Edward, James, John, Frederick, George Elizabeth, Grace, Jane, Alice, Zara, Victoria, Charlotte I have no idea for a boy.Any ideas?Thanks in advance. Fun Fact: Ian is the Scottish version of the name John. Lev—The leonine Lev is a sleeker, fresher spin on Levi.

Mabel, Ophelia, Audrey, daphne, Dorothy, ivy, iris, felicity, violet, Florence, Esther, Maude, Beatrice, clementine, Petula.

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Arthur Clennam, character in ‘ Little Dorrit ’, written by Charles Dickens.

Hi, I'm looking for middle names that go well with Arthur.

Sabine—An ancient girls' name never in the Top 1000. National Records of Scotland. including this place-name of a British river town. Roscoe—Quirky Norse name last popular in the 1880s. Sweet and snuggly ways to announce your newest addition, Becoming Mama™: A Pregnancy and Birth Podcast by Motherly, Top 50 gender-neutral baby names you'll obsess over, *This* is the trendiest baby name in U.S. history, 8 things you must consider when picking your baby's name, The new top 100 American baby names, according to the Social ... ›, Unique Irish baby names (and how to pronounce them) - Motherly ›, 100 Unique Baby Names That Mean Moon - Motherly ›, These are going to be the top baby names in 2020 - Motherly ›, Top Gender-Neutral Baby Names - Motherly ›, The Top 200 Baby Names of the Decade - Motherly ›, Popular Girl Names and Name Meanings - Motherly ›, 28 Ideas for Cross-Cultural Baby Names - Motherly ›, 197 Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare ›, Unique Baby Names: Unusual and Rare | Nameberry ›, The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama: Redefining the Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Journey, 13 products that make traveling with baby *so* much easier, This bestselling collagen protein powder is perfect for pregnant mamas, Kristen Bell gives us the motherhood advice we all need to hear, Senator Tammy Duckworth on breastfeeding, preschool drop off and the importance of your village, Caterina Scorsone on Down syndrome and why it’s all about difference, not disability, This celeb-loved baby bottle sold out in 3 days—but you can buy it right now, Adelia—If you love Adeline and Adele, this.

Endangered Language Alliance. Fun Fact: The goddess Brighid is a protector of hearth and home in Celtic myth. Millicent—Proper old-fashioned name that can get you to the cute Millie.

Fun Fact: Niall of the Nine Hostages was a High King of Ireland in the fifth century. Fun Fact: Iona is an island off the coast of Scotland where Saint Columba founded Iona Abbey in 563. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet.

Fun Fact: "Roisin Dubh," meaning black rose or dark little rose, is an Irish legend and song from the 16th century.

Arden—A name with a unisex feel used mostly for girls that benefits from sounding like ardent.

I liked Laurence for a boy or Albert.

Girls names you might like - Violet, Enid, Ivy, Leila, Phoebe, Delia, Anya, Esther.

Fun Fact: Owen Tudor was the Welsh ancestor of the Tudor kings of England.

Fun Fact: In Irish mythology, Fionnula, or Fionnaghuala, is one of the daughters of Llyr who is turned into a swan for 900 years. Zephyr—Greek god of the west wind makes an evocative namesake. The figure of Caradog Freichfras appears as the ancestor of the great kings of Gwent.

You can either go the subtle way and pick a name inspired by carols, hymns, and special television shows and movies, or select names that scream the Yuletide season.
I think it goes well with you other names. Fun Fact: Cormac mac Airt was one of the legendary High Kings of Ireland. Molly too. For a boy's name, pair an "-n" sound with an "-r" sound for a great flow, such as Brennan Cooper, or the other way around, with Connor Tyson. Also Florence and Polly. Fun Fact: Keely is also a town in Northern Ireland.

print. My favorites are Arthur Harrison, Arthur Silas, Arthur Tobias, Arthur Caspian, Arthur Finnian, Arthur Solomon, Arthur Matthias, Arthur Valentine, Arthur Damian, and Arthur Maxwell. Can't use Alice because I always think of that song (Alice, Alice, who the etc....)Is Grace too popular??? Sir Fergus was one of the Knights of Round Table.

How about Toby? Fun Fact: Caden became popular in the U.S. mostly for the sound of the name rather than historical ties. Fun Fact: Originally used as a surname rather than a first name, Regan was the name given to one of two princesses in Shakespeare's "King Lear.".

Fun Fact: In Celtic legend, King Llyr is the father of Bran the Blessed and Bronwen, and is known as a god of the sea.

I love Arthur! Jessamy—If you've always loved Jessica, you might consider this flowery spin, meaning jasmine.
I love Arthur! Sasha—Russian short form of Alexander or Alexandra used more for girls but rising for boys.

Henry and Arthur make me think "historical" and "royal".William, Charles, Edward, James, John, Frederick, GeorgeElizabeth, Grace, Jane, Alice, Zara, Victoria, Charlotte. Fun Fact: Tiernan was a 12th-century king of Breifne in Ireland. Arthur Donnithorne, fictional character in George Eliot ’s ‘ Adam Bede ’. This is dramatized in Shakespeare's play Macbeth. – Are you unsure how to blend a baby name with your last name? Arthur Dimmesdale, fictional character in ‘The Scarlet Letter’.

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