soul land 4

Xiuxiu joined the auction, then got many kinds of precious metals, the most precious two are Dragon Source Crystal and Seven-color Stone. -The next match is Bai Xiuxiu vs. the girlfriend, Qing Luo. The final test start, but before that teachers are thinking what kind of test they should do, and many teachers just want let 7 ppl of this class enter in inner court, Tang zenhua and Xiao qi say thats not fair cause this time there is too talent on their class. On the planet, Little Bao recognized the lazy space worm, they hug each other tightly and cried, the lazy space worm also extreme excited when she saw Xuanyu, actually before God Realm War she is a pet of Dragon God, her younger brother is Space God, Space Source Crystal are tears and saliva of the lazy space worm. It's a huge harvest for them. However, Little Bao tells him that the leftover energy was absorbed by the plants. Time skip of 2 years, they now are in 6th grade few month left to inner court test. Qian Lei and Xuanyu stay to cultivate their physical bodies at the Ice and Fire well. His next opponent ends up being Er Ming and Da Ming's adoptive daughter Jin Ni, a special tiger soul beast. At this time, Nana felt that they were in danger, so she appeared in time. -The new parasite soul beast(nicknamed Little Bao)shows his skill in cultivating plants, finding treasures, and also explains some backstory about the Dragon god period. They can also convert their points into ressources at Shrek. The branch school comes to watch(and fully hoping that they don't break the record lol). The others tell him to think hard about which sex he(she?) Their mission this time is to hunt these strange dragon type beasts that drop a special gold when killed. However, Liu Feng feels ashamed and weak since he couldn't defeat 5. He finds one that has a consciousness and it claims that it's Di Tian's teacher, the Golden Saint Dragon, and that it chooses him to lead it to leave. Xuanyu took away three forbidden weapons, dragon's wrath. First assessment was stellar battle assessment, entered the virtual reality world Chaotic Star Territory, join an actual combat in the Simulation Cabin, and fight over ten battleships, in there they also met an ally , which called Star God Association, a Association created by young boys and girls who come from richest family.
Suddenly, it evolves into an 8th level mid-fight and Xuanyu has to hold it back to let his teammates run.

When new Shrek Seven Devils were at the Lust Exam, they all had trouble, but they all passed the exam. -Everything goes pretty smooth at first. (We learn that Tang Sect and Shrek are linked to the point of being one. Qian lei is 6 rings can not break to 7 rings, huihui, Lan menqin, liu feng and bai xiuxiu are 7 rings. -The group enter an underground cave with Er Ming to accept their soul bone. Afterwards, Qing Luo gets baited by Bai Xiuxiu's 400 IQ trick, making her mistakenly believe that she should use her strongest move to quickly defeat Xiuxiu. - Tang Yuge noticed how effective going all out is for cultivation, so she 1v1s a 7th level dragon. Afterwards, he sings a new song made for Shrek and Tang Sect. -The Branch school battle finally begins. Xuanyu also became rich through blacksmithing. metal plot. Although Xuanyu is still wary about being the successor, he reluctantly accepts. Tang Yue(Wulin) had to leave the stage to rest. His first battle ends up being against a green evil spirit bird that he manages to defeat with the newly learned Tang Sect technique, controlling crane capturing dragon. It starts off with them charging at each other. ), who'll help them navigate the pirate society. First they fused their abilities (everyone but Qian Lei) into an ice spear that Dong Qianqiu (Bai Xiuxiu) and that prevented the 6th grader until Qian Lei used his vitality to wake up golden fatty. Wulin and Gu yuena meet in Shrek(city), Xuanyu is trying to ship them up. The Soul Federation Scientific Exploration team found an egg with a golden and silver pattern on it in the far north of the land, and after examining it with an apparatus, they …

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