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I'm glad they actually made a bomb of this, I heard the audio posted on here. Minasan Omata seshimashita Sope-me desu! HNNGG. I love all the members just cracking up in the audience. 02/14/17.

As if that’s not enough, “Savage Love” (Laxed - Siren Beat) being in the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 made Suga and J-Hope the first Korean artists with songwriting credits that went number one in the chart. XD.

J-Hope: However, it was still a win for the Big Hit Entertainment boy group as they are featured on the mega-hit song of Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the other members just DYING at that high note. While JK sang the already given lyrics of the song, SG and JH wrote their own parts in English and Korean. Florida Governor Wants Law Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Vs. Looters, Armenian PM Warns Opposition To Halt Efforts To Seize Power, EXO Comebacks: Kai Stages Solo Debut On November 30; Baekhyun Debuts In Japan Next Year. Today is officially the most days we've ever had to wait for a BTS album The previous record was between Dark & Wild and HYYH pt 1: 253 days. Ganbare arigato Suga and J-Hope: Suga:

Otsukaree otsukaree

There are both i and K-fans who think Suga's been able to relax and be more open after he released the mixtape.

My cheeks hurt from smiling. and War of Hormone Real WAR Version for sheer hilariousness. And, as always, I love Yoongi barefaced. Taehyung Taehyunging, one of the universal constants. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever,

Papa? Suga: Otsukare And Hoseok. When we will ever get more Hwagae Marketplace?

(let's go) Demo chikyuu wa Oshigoto mo obenkyou mo raku janai yo ne J-Hope: OK, let's go! J-Hope:

He’s also someone who’d rather stay put and do nothing and would choose sleep over anything else. They truly bring out the best in each other, hahaha. It's whatever. Aru sa 30 day IBC day 7 . This is everything I needed tonight. That said, the rappers were credited in the song. Now, fans of SOPE (Suga and J-Hope) are hoping for the pair’s subunit.

It is a single, and was released in 2016. J-Hope: Suga:

Maa, sore ga jinsei nanda yoo This means RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook claimed the top and second spot in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. My favorite performance (so far - Not Today is gonna be lit!!!!) “SOPE new accomplishment should be a sign that they need to release a song together,” another one commented. J-Hope: It's right up there with Show Me Your Bba Sae?! I'm tagging myself as Jimin affectionately face palming, 1.junkgook chewing gum in the background holy hell, 2. but more importantly which are yoongi and jhope literally my friendship goals, 3. except jk I'm already like this with my friends, 4.

Boku mo COLT NAVA.

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Suga: Kyou mo ippai sei ippai gambarimashita staff are not the only ones who ship Sope as BANGTANTV editors appear to be enthusiasts of the pair as well. J-Hope: BTS has been dominating the music charts for years, but it was just last month when they made history by making it to first place on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart with “Dynamite.” RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook didn’t only stay in the top spot for a week, but two consecutive weeks. RIP my ears at 1:43 lol. J-Hope, on the other hand, was given the nickname “Sunshine” by the fandom for his bright and bubbly personality. Suga: Suga: Why is Yoongi so extra lately. Otsukaree sama deshita I'm Namjoon clapping along in the audience.

I think this goes in my top five as well, especially seeing their reactions to that high note, Jin was me. I love how Yoongi just transforms into a variety king whenever he's with J-Hope. Today, 22nd December 2019, marks the 254th day since Map of the Soul: Persona came out, on 12th April 2019. J-Hope: SOPE-ME Otsukare song by SOPE ME - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. 4. In BTS’ “Map Of The Soul: 7” album, Suga had a cool duet with RM called “Respect,” and J-Hope joined vocal line members Jin and Jungkook in a love song called “Jamais Vu.”. Otsukaree sama deshita He’s very active and enjoys having fun with his members. My birthday is coming up next month, on March 16 (I'll be 45 - yikes!) Thank you, we are SOPE! Also, Tae just casually chilling on the floor, in the dark, from :00-:45. Now, fans of SOPE (Suga and J-Hope) are hoping for the pair’s subunit. Mawaru J-Hope: But Run BTS! (Mina san, ishone) Meanwhile, Suga is dubbed by ARMYs as “Grandpa” because he seems to have an old soul despite being in his 20s.

V-Sope . Edit: replayed it again.

Kanau Otsukaree sama deshita Please tell me I'm not alone! I don't remember when this was recorded, but it's a theory. Suga: 02/15/17. J-Hope:

This is has gotta be one of my top 5 bangtan bombs so far. Suga and J-Hope: J-Hope: Aa nii- san sei no This is so cute! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The SOPE subunit is ready for debut, everyone! ..honestly, Jimin's habit of going "aish," pinching the bridge of his nose, giggling, trying hard not to laugh, and busting out in absolute hysterics reminds me of myself more than a little bit. Otsukaree sama deshita

Ii koto mo Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook are the three BTS members featured in Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo’s “Savage Love” (Laxed - Siren Beat). That's better than the two Yoongi started with. Otsukaresama Song is a song by Suga and J-Hope of BTS. Otsukaree sama deshita A subreddit dedicated to the South Korean boy group 방탄소년단, most commonly known as BTS, Beyond the Scene, or Bangtan Boys. Do not reproduce without permission.

Suga: 0. I feel like it's just exploded out of nowhere. 'Designated Survivor' Season 4 Update: Will A New Season Still Come. Faito Kimi mo editors even wrote “Suga loves J-Hope so very much” in an earlier episode of the show. Otsukaree sama deshita Wow, five people!

Ashita New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Ki wo tsukatte hai waratte ningen kankei V-Sope . forgive me seokjin, for I have seoksinned, IS RAMEN FUNNY TO YOU?

Combine this with the Baepsae outfit. My favorite Suga picture: 6. I keep on pausing every few seconds to either LOL, facepalm, or cringe. Because we can never have too many theories. Yama mo ari tani mo ari On June 10, BTS uploaded a fun Karaoke time with the members for FESTA 2020 on YouTube called Map of the Song: 7. These two could sing me to sleep... (or not haha).


Holy shit. 30 day IBC day 8 . Sope-me desu! I'm actually curious to know what this subs top five favorites are, especially after having seen what the fans at the birthday party chose. Suga: is probably BTS at the 2016 MMA awards! Sope Bookmarker's Notes ok kinda mixed feelings cus vmin are kinda like,,,, not nice in this n im a whore for vmin but at the same time theres so much sope fluff it kinda balances it out??? I love these two so much. My favorite color is PINK. Suga: I love these two together so much, we need more of their show. I cannot believe I didn't like him when I first got into BTS. 24. Yume wa kitto Otsukaresama Song is a song by Suga and J-Hope of BTS. Run BTS! Ganbare arigato

I don't think my neighbors appreciated my loud as fuck laugh at that high note holy shit XD, So it's been almost an hour and I'm still not done watching this. Suga and J-Hope:

BTS Suga, J-Hope Are First Korean Artists With Songwriting Credits On A Billboard Hot 100 #1 Song.

The BTS rappers have sung together before, but they have been in separate units for quite a long time. “Don't you think this would be a great opportunity for SOPE to make a comeback and reopen the Hwagae market?” one wrote. Otsukaree sama deshita 02/13/17. Despite the complete contrast of their personality, Suga and J-Hope complement each other very well.

J-Hope: Now, BTS’ “Dynamite” is pushed to the second spot by “Savage Love” (Laxed - Siren Beat). J-Hope:

Tae being Tae, I didn't even notice haha thanks for pointing it out! this is just 100% joy and silly, and I love everything about it. Suga: Suga and J-Hope: V-Sope . News, images, videos, discussions, and anything else that relates are welcome! J-Hope: Suga:

Dakedo kitto

Mama? The Truth Explained. Otsukaree sama deshita I was so fucking blind.

Suga: J-Hope: Sama deshita Sama deshita BTS SONG LYRICS pre-debut songs up to present active and updated to new BTS songs with "Roman" and "English" translations some parts have explanations with individual parts with media: 'music videos' / 'live performances' / 'audio or mp... #army #bangtan #bangtanboys #bts #btslyrics #btssonglyrics #hoseok #jhope #jimin #jungkook #namjoon #rm #seokjin #suga #taehyung #yoongi SOPE - Otsukare …

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And I fucking love it. According to Sope's BTS Wiki page, "Sope" is definitely the most popular and known name, but other nicknames for these friends include "Yoseok," "Hoongi," and "SuHope." First off, I missed yesterday, dang it! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I'm Jimin cheering, and then laughing uncontrollably! Otsukaree sama deshita Jeez, I feel like more Bombs / videos are coming out each day, waiting for the day that there's like 10 released over 24 hours. Otsukaree sama deshita *stares intensely*. I see they have a solid fanbase already! © 2020 Business Times All rights reserved.

NAMJOON 2020/CHI-TOWN MAKE SOME NOISE!/진짜홀리쉿!!!! Suga: Press J to jump to the feed.

It is a single, and was released in 2016. And that tongue in cheek shit JK does at :58. plot was cool, resolutions were all pretty cool, prose was sexc as hell and the last dedication sentences had me screaming.. smth abt yoon calling hoseok hobi always gets me even tho its not that special

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