sentence with they

I don't know how to control them or to make decisions when they're always there just confusing me. 71. They went through their evening routine and then left for the hospital. Connie immediately assured her that the Giddon's wouldn't be shelling out the money if they didn't think she was earning it. Much the case with Howie and Julie, I felt the personal lives of our group deserved their own space to address their own problems. They climbed back on the ATV and crossed the creek. While I had no right to do so, if Martha and Quinn had effectively abandoned their home, why not? They must be cultivating their own language. But they're nearer to God who seek comfort in these: The soul in the sunset, the whispering of trees. The group of these queer creatures which was discovered clustered near the stairs at first remained staring and motionless, glaring with evil eyes at the intruders who had so suddenly appeared in their land. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau both climbed the peak multiple times and praised it in their writings. They exist simply because we have not had the means to solve them in the past. If you think they're not following us, then why are we pushing the animals so hard? Hopefully they would come visit sometime. 235. Here and there were groups of houses that seemed made of clear glass, because they sparkled so brightly. In the vegetable gardens they found the strawberries and melons, and several other unknown but delicious fruits, of which they ate heartily. The other lung was infected and they had switched to yet another antibiotic. The tang of the untainted, fresh and free sea air was like a cool, quieting thought, and the shells and pebbles and the seaweed with tiny living creatures attached to it never lost their fascination for me. Not that the judge could have provided much. The worst thing was their terror of reaching the bottom of this great crack in the earth, and the natural fear that sudden death was about to overtake them at any moment. The pool tables at the elbow rooms are just the ticket, and they're free too. The waves seemed to be playing a game with me, and tossed me from one to another in their wild frolic. To learn more about the singular “they,” read the style and grammar guidelines page on singular “they.” It includes more examples of the proper forms and ways to write inclusive, grammatical sentences. The singular “they” is a generic third-person pronoun used in English. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. chuckled the old cab-horse; "they're not 'Gurgles,' little maid; they're Gargoyles.". Even if they could change things, she didn't want to. Eleven women jumped over their TVs to either adopt her or say they're mommy. Then the three held a counsel to decide what they should do next, but could think of no way to better their condition. The hoard represented thousands of man hours yet all their efforts proved unsuccessful. It won't make any difference to you whether they are adopted or biological - not in how much you love them or how you treat them. "But the best part of it is the story which it tells," said their mother. I cringed at the thought of who might have spent their last nights on earth on that pallet. First their location; gleaned from that accommodating Miss Washington and her memory of the area code.

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