sentence on sweep

Massage into the palm of dry hands or sweep over feet, push back cuticles, rinse under water for instant spa luxury. Too often the brown, barren, sun-scorched ridges are obscured in the yellow dust haze which drifts upwards from the plains; too often the whole perspective of hill and vale is blotted out in the grey mists that sweep in soft, resistless columns against these southern slopes, to be condensed and precipitated in ceaseless, monotonous rainfall. Every afternoon, especially from October to May, a stiff breeze sweeps the city; every afternoon in the summer the fogs roll over it from the ocean. Cheeks: Sweep the color from the back of the cheekbone to the front.

Mops should be squeezed of any excess moisture so that it is barely damp when you sweep it across the floor. A clean sweep for the defense of the 70's! The plain sweeps round south of the Lancashire coal-field, forms the valley of the Mersey from Stockport to the sea, and farther south in Cheshire the salt-bearing beds of the Keuper marls give rise to a characteristic industry.

People used to sweep the streets at night until a machine replaced them. And we will sweep away the cumbersome bureaucracy of traditional Job Centers. 15 and 17), representing here as elsewhere both a Jewish inheritance and a philosophical, but advancing further, sweeps away all community between God and man. Inflections of 'sweep' (v): (⇒ conjugate) sweeps v 3rd person singular sweeping v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing."

Ideal for all types of skin, it effectively sweeps away all traces of eye makeup. Sweep definition, to move or remove (dust, dirt, etc.) A clean sweep for the defense of the 70's ! The cavalry was far better trained in individual and real horsemanship and manoeuvre, and was expected to sweep the field in the splendid cavalry terrain of Moravia. Sweep or vacuum your laminate flooring on a regular basis. The warm winds which sweep up the Mississippi Valley from the Gulf of Mexico are responsible for the extremes of heat, and the Arctic winds of the north, which find no mountain range to break their strength, cause the extremes of cold. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Keep hair neat and tidy under a bun cover dusted with rhinestones, or sweep it back with a colorful headband. For a sunken cheek look, lightly sweep some green and red greasepaint under the cheekbones. But now the kind October wind rises, rustling the leaves and rippling the surface of the water, so that no loon can be heard or seen, though his foes sweep the pond with spy-glasses, and make the woods resound with their discharges. Often, a quick vacuum or sweep of the floors is all it takes to clean them.

sweep something out, sweep out somethingClean an area thoroughly by brushing away all dirt or litter. Sweep bangs across the forehead to give your face a wider look by making it appear shorter. If you want to try to copy exactly what Van Phue did for the movie, after preparing your lids with Smashbox Lip and Lid Primer, sweep three neutral shades of MAC eye shadow onto your lid starting with a nude shade.

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