piper cherokee 235

The result was a bundle of mechanical trouble. I get about 200 hours out of each pipe. It was produced from 1966-68. Although some are in denial about it, the love affair with batteries for electric airplanes is, for the short term, on hold.... © 2020 Aviation Publishing Group. Only takeoff ground run performance declines, compared to the Charger (886 to 850 feet), although performance to cross a 50-foot barrier improves (1,216 versus 1,410 feet).

I put on another 100 hours and went for a Lycoming Factory Overhaul. With the yoke almost full back, full flaps and about 35% power, the airplane will simply live within a power-on stalled condition and fly happily around a crazily-tilted sky. It offered better fuel efficiency, less noise and vibration.

Brake power may be properly modulated to the airplanes performance and wheel and tire size. While there is a certain logic to putting the tachometer and manifold pressure gauge near the throttle, we prefer to see the critical powerplant information up high, and near the pilots line of sight. When my windshield gets scratchy enough, Ill put a 1/4-inch upgrade in (I fret about bird strikes). The original 1964-65 model came equipped with a fixed-pitch two-bladed propeller mated to a 235-HP Lycoming O-540-B2B5 engine having a TBO of only 1200 hours.

Enhanced performance from the new wing makes a real difference, and it’s reflected in the prices they bring. Lightly loaded in cool weather, it’s easy to pin the VSI at 2000 FPM in a 100-knot climb. I replaced the stock Chrysler alternator with a Plane Power AL12-C60 and it has been fine now for about 100 hours. By the time the Dakota came out, general aviation sales were beginning to drop dramatically.

Having once absorbed the Cherokee Pilots Association, the Piper Owner Society (www.piperowner.org, 866-697-4737) is the type club serving 235/236 owners. At that weight, it carries almost 250 pounds more payload than the vaunted 182, at similar speeds and ranges. The new engine made a huge difference. Same thing with the starter.

I joined a group (the Flying Samaritans) that flies medical missions to a clinic on the Pacific side of the Baja, which means there are a lot of flights over the Sea of Cortez, mountains and remote areas. The Dakota was larger in critical dimensions, with another fuselage stretch of 7.5 inches and a span increase of 3.4 feet. The extended wingtips housed fuel tanks needed by the thirstier engine, boosting total fuel capacity to 84 gallons. Owner CommentsThe 235 is so unique within theCherokee clan, it doesnt seem fair to use the same name. Also, with an older airplane and many owners (Im the 10th), I spent a fair amount of time finding all the wrong/broken/missing screws, changing all possible hardware to stainless, cleaning up old Velcro glue, repainting trim pieces and whatnot, etc., etc.

Would I buy another Turbo Dakota? The original 1964-65 model came equipped with a fixed-pitch two-blade propeller mated to a 235-HP Lycoming O-540-B2B5 engine having a TBO of only 1200 hours. Accidents continue to occur from failing to switch tanks or because a tank with no or low fuel is selected. From an operational standpoint, fuel management raises pilot workload in the earlier models (in the Dakota, it is a relatively simpler matter of maintaining reasonable lateral balance).

The airplane has more than 1200 pounds of useful load and, with the long tapered wing, it’s a very stable platform. Too much brake power puts the expense elsewhere, in replacing flat-spotted tires. (Having trouble maintaining desired heading in cruise? When it hung up, I replaced it with a Sky-Tec, saving a few more pounds up front. Otherwise, run the other way.

I typically fly at 65 percent power, 50 degrees rich of peak and flight plan for 15 GPH and 135 KTS. The front-seat passenger actually has an easier time keeping out of the pilots way than in a Bonanza. I managed to get the basic-T in by using Terra radios (which are very compact). The top cowl comes off with 4 quick-release latches.

It and earlier 235-HP Cherokees take advantage of the market’s affinity toward muscular four-place singles, a natural attraction proven popular enough to support two significant entries for many years: the Cessna 182 Skylane and the Piper PA-28-235/236. The brakes come in for routine castigation. The Cherokee PA-28-235 produced by Piper. Average climb rates work out to about 1000-1200 FPM all the way to 8000 feet MSL.The only persistent problem we have had with the Dakota is a nose-wheel shimmy on landing when the nose wheel pant is installed. This reversal is probably the result of two phenomena. Under zero-wind conditions, take-off and landing rolls at moderate weights are around 500 feet, even with the sluggish Piper laminar-flow (haha) Hershey-bar wing. Two days after I successfully passed the private checkride, my partner and I took ownership of a 1979 PA-28-201T.

Typical annual inspections cost about $4000. My A&P subsequently informed me that every Dakota he takes care of has broken the #1 riser. Climb performance in the Dakota is also markedly improved, again because of the longer wing. Lilium Selects Orlando For First Air Taxi Hub, NASA Begins Wind Tunnel Testing For Electric X-Plane Props, Can A Computer Think Like A Pilot?

Click here to view charts for Resale Values, Payload Compared and Prices Compared, Click here to view the Piper Dakota features guide. In 1995 the airplane was brought up to date with new paint and interior by Central Aviation in Watertown, Wisconsin.

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