national curriculum pros and cons

The future of the Common Core State Standards is unknown, especially given their controversial development and implementation.

The students should not have PowerPoints read to them. The CCSS developers made revisions and corrections based on the feedback they received. Some of us have always wanted a national curriculum so wherever people went, especially as students, they would still be learning similar material to where they were before. By submitting this form, I am providing my digital signature agreeing that Mississippi College (MC) may email me or contact me regarding educational services by telephone and/or text message utilizing automated technology or a pre-recorded message at the telephone number(s) provided above. Since the early 1990s, states began developing educational learning standards for grades 3-12. To have a national curriculum, you would need all 50 states to agree on one curriculum. The debate about the CCSS continues. Some Advantages * The structural bones of the course are usually outlined in a Government documented. By June 2010, the CCSS were released to the states for review and ratification. According to Peter Gray, Ph.D., of Psychology Today, “Perhaps more tragic than the lack of long-term academic advantage of early academic instruction is evidence that such instruction can produce long-term harm, especially in the realms of social and emotional development.” The CCSS does not make appropriate accommodations for students with special needs. Home » Degrees » Education » Master of Education » Master of Education in Elementary Education » Pros and Cons of Common Core Standards. Could you imagine a kid in Florida who is forced to study Prairie ecosystems, or a kid in Colorado being forced to study tides and tidal pools? The common core creates a rigor of standards that is equal across the whole nation. If there are errors, please contact us by completing the form below. Each stated that the cost of switching the curriculum would cost way too much and takes away any regional learning. “I think the biggest issue that causes the political hullabaloo about the Common Core is that people think that testing mechanisms are the Common Core. Educational Leadership – K-12 Administration track Online, Ed.S. Although it would be difficult to achieve a national curriculum, It would benefit the way constantly moving kids have to adjust how they learn. In that situation we would want a combination of people that are able to be leaders, followers, heroes, creators, producers, so that the society could function for the benefit of everyone. The teacher should decide how to present the information and content to the students. At the outset, educators were presented with the Common Core and expected to adjust teaching practices and direct instruction in a short amount of time. There is the side where students don't have to worry about moving schools or even states.
The federal government would obtain too much power in the school system. Characteristics of a quality curriculum at the bottom of the page. Educators, experts and state leaders drafted standards and requested review from feedback groups consisting of teachers, university professors and department heads, politicians, and other qualified professionals.

No matter where students lived, they would be expected to meet the same level of competency for each academic standard. However, as an elementary teacher, team leader, resource teacher or researcher, you’ll be responsible for preparing students for whatever future they choose — academic or workforce. We like the idea of teaching and testing (NCLB and ESSA) to make sure students are learning but do not like the idea of the federal government mandating it. The standards also improve national professional development. The way the states and schools educate their students should be based entirely on their own guidelines and procedures.

In 2009, governors and state commissioners of education from 49 states, the District of Columbia and two United States territories met to create common goals and determine what constituted proficiency in each goal across state lines. I have not worked in schools in the UK but here are my thoughts about a National curriculum. Common core's values are sound. Some educators are concerned that the new standards do not consider the developmental level of children.

Additionally, despite the claim that teachers were involved in the process of developing the CCSS, teachers felt overlooked. Yes students learn differently and yes students learn at different paces. When students move from one state to another, they will be able to pick up at the new school where they left off at the old school.
The information contained within this site has been sourced and presented with reasonable care. Curriculum coordinator Sharon Look stated, “I think we need to set appropriate expectations.

While some teachers appreciate the emphasis on problem-solving and cross-content transfer of information and skills, they are concerned about the rapid introduction and rollout. There should be "take away's" when going from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school. A Master of Education in Elementary Education degree from Mississippi College will provide you with the training and materials you will need to face the future of education, no matter the standards or goals. Some kids are way behind others because of the low standards some states set for them. This way all of the kids could stay on track and all be learning the same things at the same time. Other poor states like Maine, Where teachers are having to buy paper due to not enough money allocated to education as it is, Would see further struggle trying to gather supplies for education. The overall topic should be regulated and remain the same across the board. Only those articles that have been published within the most recent months may be considered timely. They are not the Common Core.”. But you need to have the teachers’ voice at the heart of this work, along with students and parents and community stakeholders. Characteristics of a quality curriculum at the bottom of the page. In grade 8 I was at three different schools and at each of those schools I had to read the giver, one after another. The CCSS are benchmarked by international standards and will compare favorably to standards of other countries. In fact, they believe that, in some ways, the Common Core State Standards are a negative influence on our students. Use appropriate caution in acting on the information of any article. National curriculum would not accommodate the needs of regional and diverse students so they learn too. It gives far far too much power to government officials to choose what kids do and don't learn: the power to brainwash an entire country. If we, As a nation, Think about who the national curriculum would most benefit, It would be the kids who have to move every 2-5 years. Having a national curriculum would come off as very generic and it would likely produce the same results. I said main ideas.

Jose Vilson, an eighth-grade math teacher in New York City, described his feelings this way: It (the CCSS development) was very top-down and ultimately that caused some of the resistance, even from people who would otherwise be allies to this work.

When a child moves from on state to another they should be able to fall back into class with little to no issues. ThoughtCo. I like it because some of the students are not good in class work where by this will help them to no more skills and this may also reduce on the number of school dropouts in school so I support it with my energy Hmmm just love it thanx much. There are Pros and Cons.

Articles that appear on this website are for information purposes only. Educational Leadership – Curriculum & Inst. Need to know what needs to be taught – guidelines; Practical – provides a framework from which teachers can work; Agreement on broad common principles

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