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The National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC) is an umbrella council for eleven multicultural fraternities and sororities (Greek Letter organizations) in universities in the United States.

This event allows organizations to showcase their stepping, strolling and chanting talents, while introducing their organization to prospective members. According to Hilliard, the groups have “come at an instrumental point.” By creating their foundation on modern, progressive values, the MGC is “making the organizations what [they] want [their] legacies to be.”, The recent political climate also allows these organization to exercise their values. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 11, 2020   STATEMENT: The Murder of Nina Pop, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Sean Reed – The NMGC rejects racists and transphobic acts of violence towards our black communities and we are in solidarity with our members who have been impacted by recent events. “There was no one place for all these different cultures and people of different backgrounds to unite and have a common bond.”, Known simply as multicultural fraternities and sororities, these organizations quickly attracted students of all sociocultural identities who wanted to experience Greek life in an environment that was diverse and inclusive. The NMGC, “defines Multiculturalism as not only diversity of membership, but a concrete commitment to acknowledge and celebrate all cultures equally through our programming, public service outreach efforts and community education.”. Multicultural organizations were established in 1998. Through her own personal experience as an undergraduate, Diaz says she was introduced to many aspects of Latino culture for the first time through cultural awareness events, such as cooking classes and traditional dances, hosted by her sorority. “Learning more about Latino culture prompted me to want to know more about where my family came from,” says Diaz, adding that many students report gaining confidence in their ethnic and personal identities after joining a NALFO organization. odphi : The NMGC defines multiculturalism as not only diversity of membership, but a concrete commitment to acknowledge and celebrate all cultures equally through our programming, public service outreach efforts and community education.

UNMPhiotas : In 2013, a group of young men at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) created the country’s first Islamic fraternity, Alpha Lambda Mu (ALM). © 2020 INSIGHT Into Diversity and Potomac Publishing, Inc. COVID-19, Racialized Disease, and the Yellow Peril, Greek Organizations Face Crisis on College Campuses Across the Country, Greek Life on Campus: An Asset and a Challenge.

Social Media Intern for UW-Madison's Center for the First-Year Experience (CFYE). The purpose of the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) is to provide an environment where Greek-letter organizations can collaborate, communicate, and support each other. Additionally, learning about the Latino subcultures of her sorority sisters inspired her to research and take pride in her own Dominican heritage. The purpose of NMGC is to provide a forum that allows for the free exchange of ideas, programs, and services between its constituent fraternities and sororities; to promote the awareness of multicultural diversity within collegiate institutions, their surrounding communities, and the greater community-at-large, and to support and promote the works of its member organizations.

Still, some believe that the everyday relationship between the councils could still use improvement. “At the beginning of the semester, when all the campus groups would come out to showcase what they do and recruit new members, there were no Muslim women represented,” says Samira Maddox, MDA founder and national president. One such improvement is the addition of a ‘Yard Show’ to the annual Greek Week celebration.

[Above: Mu Delta Alpha’s Alpha class poses with founder Samira Maddox (front row center) at UT Dallas in December 2017 (photo by Nida Rehman Photography).]. However, efforts for greater support have the MGC and other Greek organizations making progress. It was established in 1998.

The purpose of MGC is to facilitate and assist the achievement of multicultural Greek organizations as they prepare members for society through a valuable fraternal experience based on the Principles of Greek Life, as well as to promote cultural awareness among the MGC, Dartmouth College and the greater community.

“You really have to be involved in student of color communities to learn about these organizations,” said Hilliard.

There are thirteen different organizations, each with their unique purpose and morals, and recruitment is the time where you have a chance to find out if one of these amazing houses, are right for you. “I realized that knowing where you come from helps a lot with figuring out who you are and where you want to go, which is really important for students at that age.”, Mariah Bohanon is a senior staff writer for. “We never turn away someone from a particular race, creed, ethnicity, or economic background because having a diverse membership is what allows us to learn from each other,” Valdez explains. We offer our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones […]. Despite African American and Latin X organizations wanting to maintain their culture, there is a strong history behind the emergence of Multicultural organizations.

gzg.pbs, MSC 03 2210, SUB Room 1018 Box #1Albuquerque, NM 87131, National Founding Date: Jan. 9, 1914National Website: phibetasigma1914.orgOfficial Motto: Culture For Service and Service For HumanityColors: Royal Blue and Pure White, :

Today, these organizations provide strong on-campus support systems and foster cultural pride for thousands of students as well as continue to inspire other underrepresented groups to “go Greek” on their own terms. However, a lack of collaboration from predominately white Greek organizations concerns some MGC members. ( Log Out /  gzg.pbs : While each organization has its own unique membership focus and values, they all share the common goal to advocate for the inclusion, representation, and rights of Asian Americans on college campuses and in the broader community. In recent years, Muslim students have also been inspired to form their own Greek organizations. “Because the councils don’t talk to each other, there’s definitely some disconnect there.”. The relative newness of the MGC allows these sorts of progressive changes to be made. The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) is a self-governing student organization that provides guidelines and support to its culturally based member organizations. This overarching mission dates back to the 1929 founding of Pi Alpha Phi (PAP) — the only NAPA organization created before 1981 — when Asian Americans were barred from joining traditionally white Greek organizations.

( Log Out /  She believes that because of current negative opinions about Greek life, multicultural fraternities and sororities must work to raise awareness of their value to underrepresented students and to higher education overall.

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln Multicultural Greek Council was originally formed to accommodate and serve the Historically African-American and Latino/Latina organizations on campus.

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apa1906NETwork :
The council mourns the deaths of […], FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 12, 2020 STATEMENT: The COVID-19 Virus – The NMGC rejects racists acts toward targeted groups and monitors the impact of the virus for our members. Omega Phi Beta.

She notes that the ongoing backlash against campus Greek organizations due to several highly publicized hazing deaths in recent years has affected NMGC organizations “because most people don’t know how Greek life is separated within different councils,” she says. Create a free website or blog at

Yet, the council claims little has been done to support the multicultural community by those on the outside.

Multicultural Greek Life.

The multicultural organizations at ISU include: Alpha Psi Lambda.

nukecitynupes, MSC 03 2210, SUB Room 1018, Albuquerque, NM 87131, National Founding Date: Jan. 5, 1911National Website: Motto: Achievement in Every Field of Human EndeavorColors: Crimson and Cream, : The council’s focus on cultural awareness and inclusivity are aspects that not only differentiate it from its predominately white Greek counterparts but also serves a valuable purpose on a university that is constantly combatting a negative campus climate. University Greek organizations are one campus community that combines these facets. According to Hao Tran, member of Asian-interest fraternity, Chi Sigma Tao, “If there is a protest, [members] forget who [they] are [individually] and just come together for political advocacy.”. View more posts. Delta Sigma Theta.

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[CDATA[ The multicultural organizations at ISU include: The National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC) serves as a nationals for all Multicultural chapters that would be on college campuses across the nation. “Even though [hazing] hasn’t happened under our council, we should still use this opportunity to learn from these incidents and educate others about them,” explains Valdez. Around the same time that Latino and Asian organizations began growing in popularity, students who identified as multi-ethnic began creating their own Greek organizations. officialomegapsiphi :

For years it has served as a platform for cooperation and collaboration between its member organizations. Though traditional rush will also inevitably contain secret rituals and processes, the secrecy surrounding initiation into a multicultural Greek organization is … officialoppf, MSC 03 2210, SUB Room 1018,Albuquerque, NM 87131, National Founding Date: Nov. 17, 1911National Website: oppf.orgOfficial Motto: Friendship is essential to the soulColors: Old Gold and Royal Purple, :

Programs and events such as this represent the ways in which multicultural fraternities and sororities provide unique, culturally centric support for underrepresented students. AMGLC Mission AMGLC reaches, connects, and engages the alumni multicultural Greek community and support the core values of Cornell University.

“Not a lot of people know we exist. The Multicultural Greek Life Affinity Group was formed to bring together staff and faculty members of multicultural Greek organizations in support of their undergraduate siblings. This article was published in our March 2018 issue.

The council is a collective partnership between 14 member organizations on UNM's campus. University Greek organizations are one campus community that combines these facets.

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