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Follow the road to the parking area. Biggest downside is a long open climb through sand that drags with no real payoff.

The yellow trail is more technical, but not overly challenging. MTB Podcast | I love the width of the trail in general about 2-3 ft. on average, but there are some tight squeezes between trees occasionally, a very natural feel. Mountain Island Lake is a lake northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina created in 1924 to coincide with the building of Mountain Island Hydroelectric Station. Mountain Island Lake is fed by the Catawba River, and is the smallest of the three man-made lakes that border Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (Lake Norman, and Lake Wylie).
Directions to Mountain Island Lake, Phone: (980) 343-6948

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources is planning a consent order for Duke Energy plants on the lake which have left local groundwater contaminated with high levels of heavy metals such as arsenic and cobalt. Good luck and happy bidding! I find this more entertaining than the blue loop. This is the area you can switch to the yellow and finish out that way with a few extra miles. Get used to being passed constantly if you are an average rider, then dodging joggers running at you or whichever way they choose. with any questions. Address: 7905 Pleasant Grove Road 402 catches; 667 followers; 11 spots; Latta Plantation Park TLP at Mountain Island Lake: This 1,343-acre nature preserve borders Mountain Island Lake. Good beginner trail. Land Manager: Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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Dries out quick. I will be back ???? All auction purchases must be picked up on International Night on Thursday, March 5th, 2020 from 6:00-7:15PM.

Not much to say about this trail that hasn't been said. Nice climbs, great down hill areas, some fast straights. Give the joggers that blue loop.

Over 23 different species of raptors are on a 3/4 mile long nature trail inside Latta Plantation Nature Preserve, on the banks of Mountain Island Lake.

Obtain loaner tackle for free at the Latta Plantation Nature Center.

Nov 4, 2020: 2020 MCMBA Mountain Bike Trail User Survey. Phone: (980) 343-6948 Fax: (980) 343-6954 Crescent Land and Timber, a subsidiary of Duke Power, then purchased the property because of its proximity to the Catawba River and the construction of the dam. • Public bathrooms will be open with robust cleaning protocols in … Winners will receive a notification email/text that will contain a link to pay online via credit card or using a PayPal account. Mountain Island is the diminutive lake wedged between Lake Norman to the north and Lake Wylie to the south.

But, I would agree with other people that say it seems very well suited for a beginner like myself. You come to the road, and there's nothing to tell you whether to go left or right, and I missed a few 're-entry points' because they were poorly marked. It does seem to have more ups and downs but is very much shorter in distance.

It is named after the mountain which appears as an island in the lake, and the surrounding area is identified by the lake's name.

Schedule your In-Person or Virtual Tour today! We enjoyed it very much, definitely a great trail to introduce people to the sport with.

Jul. A great trail, fun for everyone no matter your skill level. Great pair of trails. Island Lake Lodge is a special place deeply rooted in the local history of the Elk Valley and home to 800-year-old Cedar, Spruce & Douglas Fir Trees.

Blue loop is in perfect condition, fast rolling and really no technical features. Good trail overall, not very technical.

In 1853, William Sample purchased the property; it was owned by the Sample family until 1922. Riverbend Steam Station was a 454 megawatt, coal-fired generating facility located in Gaston County, North Carolina. Wide open scene of mountains and a small island in the middle of the lake

Blue has a few very mild climbs and downhills, and a couple very mild switchbacks. One-way, closed-loop, singletrack that can be ridden all in one shot or divided between two loops. Personally, I would like to see yellow trail added on to with a whole extra loop, and closed off to joggers.

The lake generates hydro-electric power for the nearby region. She wants to go again so she must have liked it.

I found it a bit boring at times. Great trail.

Do they truck it in by the yard or what?! More experienced riders will find these trails a great place to spin all out. Turn right after the entrance booth and proceed to "Trailhead Parking Lot" on right. Inside of Mountain Island Lake is a large island called Mountain Island, a big landmark.

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