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Please try again later, We cannot identify your location. by post at Customer Services, EE, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN. Big Button Mobile Phone for Elderly, artfone C1+ Dual SIM Unlocked, 1400mAh Battery, Unlocked Sen… Our Smartphone for visually impaired people is easy to use, quick to learn and offers all the features of a smartphone, but in a format that’s usable for someone with a visual impairment.

Nowadays, mobile phones are geared up for so much more than calls and texts. Simple Smart Phones For Elderly: Overview. Otherwise, it’s about ensuring that character size is acceptable, that the device is well lit and that there is good colour contrast. If you are on contract, finding out which accessible mobile phone is on the cheapest plan might be the deciding factor. Simple Smart Phones For Elderly: Overview. Decide whether you would prefer a slider phone or one where the buttons are always on display. It's also hearing aid compatible and Bluetooth enabled. Top 8 Cell Phone For Visually Impaired Seniors. For blind or visually impaired people though, only certain devices will be usable. Something went wrong.

Weekdays 12.40pm. – Ultimate Guide to GPS Tracking. Go to our online shop or pop into your local EE store where our friendly staff can give you expert advice to make sure you get the right phone for you. Returns & Cancellations

How can phones support the blind or visually impaired? Devices with a qwerty keyboard are not as easy to operate one-handed. VAT Number: 288 9763 19, $ USD, € EUR, Care Homes, NHS, Local Authorities & Professionals (Purchase Orders), 5 Tech Gifts for Visually Impaired People (Xmas Gifts for the Blind), 7 Best Large Print Keyboards for the Visually Impaired, Beating Elderly Loneliness – 5 Ways To Keep Your Elders Connected This Winter, Care Homes, NHS, Local Authorities & Professionals, Coronavirus: 5 Ways to Protect the Elderly, Dementia Products: 10 of the Best in Technology, Fall Prevention in The Elderly – How to Prevent & React to Falls, GrandPad Facebook Competition Terms & Conditions, Which is the Best GPS Tracker? Call us on 150 free from your EE phone (pay as you go charges may apply). Sorry! Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. The assistive technology approach to mobile access, Albinism Fellowship LifeTech (Blackberry Bold 9000 & Samsung Jet S8000). Customer Reviews While there, check the phone’s in-built accessibility features, usually found within the settings menue. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The top spec phones can cost more than £1,000. There is text enlargement software available for those of you with useful vision, Zooms being the most popular choice. The iPhone 3GS is the only device so far which has a full range of accessibility features built in. Read more. Home > About us If you are VI, you probably have the phone’s brightness turned up to the max and if you are blind, it’s working flat out to run the screenreader. There are battery extenders on the market, but it is definitely worth while checking the battery life of the phone and how long it takes to charge before purchasing. Also consider taking energy saving measures like reducing the brightness, or choosing a less power-hungry screensaver. As people are different, therefore, different technology is needed for them. Giving friendly, expert service with gadgets that makes life easier, safer and happier. No results found but hit enter for the most relevant articles. TechSilver in the Media

Below is our range of smart phones that have a simple design specifically for the elderly. Designed and developed in the UK by experts in sight problems and winner of the … All the latest news from the paralympics.

We also have a smartphone for the visually impaired with talking menus, large, bright and clear icons and many more useful features for the blind or partially sighted. This phone includes high contrast keys that are widely separated and include a talking numbers feature to aid the visually impaired. There are lots of different smartphones available on the market. You can book a phone appointment with one of our local experts. To contact us directly using the Relay UK service (previously Next Generation Text), dial 18001 07953 966 250.. Voice controlled products Products such as Google Home or Amazon Echo can be hugely helpful to visually impaired users. A mobile phone is totally pointless if you can’t make or receive calls or texts. Company Number: 09336833

Cell phones play a significant role in effective communication without a doubt. However, mid-range phones costing significantly less are now also very usable. So not ideal if you want to use your phone on the fly. We appreciate you may need help in using some of those free methods and that help may not always be available. Welcome to the iSightCornwall online shop, we offer a range of useful gadgets, devices and mobility aids designed to support visually impaired people.We are always reviewing and adding more products to the store so check back regularly to see what’s available. Many types of mobile phones can help you keep in touch with your friends and family if you’re blind or have impaired vision. The Doro 1370 provides loud, high-quality sound, so you can easily hear who you’re speaking to. Radio 4's consumer affairs programme.

It’s called VoiceOver on iPhones, TalkBack on Android phones, haptic feedback – when you press a key, the phone vibrates so you don't make a mistake when dialling, audio feedback – so you can hear instructions, back-lit keypad – in case the light is poor, adjustable contrast – to help make text easier to read, adjustable font size – in case you want larger letters, large, clear, screen display and voice calling – to cut down on how much you have to read, audible battery indicator – so you can hear when you're running low. These phones mirror the abilities of modern day smartphones with access to apps, internet and camera; but are easy to use with a simple design. To contact us directly using the Relay UK service (previously Next Generation Text), dial 18001 07953 966 250. Phone features. Nowadays, mobile phones are geared up for so much more than calls and texts. Privacy & Cookie Policy Unfortunately, every phone which can accommodate screen-reading and text enlarging software is going to be at the top end of the market. iPhones and iPads come with Apple iOS. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. As when choosing any phone, VI folk should take some time to ensure that their touch screen device is big enough, easy to manipulate and includes the all important accessibility features like text enlargement, the ability to zoom in on what you want and your favourite contrast option. Our listed above best Talking Mobile Phones for the Blind UK ensure that there is something for visually impaired and blind people. Contact us These phones mirror the abilities of modern day smartphones with access to apps, internet and camera; but are easy to use with a simple design. VI folk, be sure to check the colour contrast of the phone’s buttons and how they are spaced out. We gathered a lot of useful information from there as well. It’s all well and good being privy to your gadget’s output, but if you can’t communicate with the device, then it’ll be a frustrating, one-sided relationship. Ranging from assistive technologies like GPS trackers for Dementia, Fall sensors and medication management, to easy to use smartphones, tablets and music players. Most other smartphone… This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. But qwertys are probably better over all for composing emails and surfing the web. Mobile phones with features designed for sight loss. Plus, let’s face it, if your mobile runs out of juice, chances are you won’t be able to access anyone else’s.

In this article, we'll tell you about the best cell phones for the visually impaired!

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Thanks for the article , may need a new phone soon so will remember it and read it, and the comments again before i pay out a wodge of cash. screen reader – reads out the various options available on each phone screen. In a hurry, sliding the buttons out can be an extra bother. For blind or visually impaired people though, only certain devices will be usable. Included in this section are mobile phones with features designed for ease of use, particularly for those with sight loss. Terms & Conditions Best Cell Phone For A Blind Person: The iPhone The iPhone is the best cell phone for the visually impaired. There are a number of speciality phones on the market that are designed specifically for the visually impaired in … Many types of mobile phones can help you keep in touch with your friends and family if you’re blind or have impaired vision. Without getting too technical, here are five things to think about when choosing a handset. Blind and visually impaired mobile phone buyer's guide, I am VI and I have found it best to get the cheapest simplest phone as there is less to learn when you can't see to learn it - fewer tears whne you lose it as well most phones let you enlarge text on text messages learn your key pad so you can send texts without trying to see the letters on it and write out a 'crib' so you know the keys to type for common words , including your name flip-top or sliders are fiddly , the simplest Nokia does the job set the ring tone to loudest so if you lose your phone at home you can dial its number on your landline and find it, My latest STUDIO catalog has a mobile by Binatone which is unlocked (supplied without a sim card so you can insert your own)it has large buttons, an extra large display and 3 pre programmable memory buttons for emergency numbersso they are out there if you hunt around. Features > All other handsets will require add on software, which has a market value over £100. Some mobile providers will foot the bill for this, but some won’t. We spent plenty of time reviewing phones, talking to phone users and experts, as well as interviewing tech specialists. Ask questions and share tips with other people 24 hours a day. This information is available online, but hands-on testing in-store is always best.

Covid-19 Update: Due to current working restrictions we will only be dispatching orders twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Read more. Below is our range of smart phones that have a simple design specifically for the elderly. These tend to offer an optimum accessibility experience, as they come with all the latest features and technologies.

Totally blind phone purchasers, consider whether the buttons are well defined, evenly spaced, and arranged in a sensible way so that you can hit the one you want without thinking about it.

iPhones have large, high-contrast displays and several accessibility features to help those with visual impairments get the most out of the phone. BBC © 2014 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. 1.

Around two million people in the UK have significant sight loss and, according to research from consumer charity Ricability, many visually impaired people have trouble using mobile phones. You can get more advice on products from the RNIB. News and views for people who are blind or partially sighted.

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