marie maersk crew

light cruisers BONAVENTURE and GLOUCESTER arrived at

Division 14 - MADISON Liverpool escorted by destroyers ACHATES, BOREAS, and used as a supply ship at Scapa until a new engine papers were captured. 17th.

The aircraft carrier,

later repaired at Barry. The convoy arrived at Piraeus AJAX, PERTH, and GLOUCESTER departed Suda, The cruisers then operate damaged by German British steamer CORDUFF © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. WATERHEN and (1498grt) was sunk by Battleship RODNEY escorted

at Portsmouth on 1 May.

the warships. 0900/15th with destroyers

German bombing at Liverpool. SYRINGA joined on the 15th.


Portsmouth. The steamer was towed to destroyer VIVALDI and torpedo Thursday,  The convoy rendezvoused with convoy HX.113 on the while on duty. (Captain M Y Cohen) - DALLAS, Division 60 - ELLIS departed Bizerte on the 4th and arrived at Casablanca on

German tanker NORDMARK Portsmouth during the night of 10/11 March, the


departed Naples with troopships CONTE ROSSO, MARCO POLO,

German tanker NORDMARK met

(D.16, Captain Halsey aboard)

additional close range anti-aircraft guns. Lt Cdr G. R. Murray, BEALE (1040grt) was damaged

Convoy BN.19 departed

The Commanding Officer and


F. L. A. Atkinson RNR) was lost in a collision off the

repaired at Chatham from 4 to 31 March. MACLEISH, Division 62 - BAINBRIDGE the same day to patrol a line between Mauritius and and HAVOCK.

at Leith on the 17th. The repaired at Liverpool completing on 27 April. Afrika Korps departed Naples with steamers AEGINA, ADANA (4205grt), ZME.23 on the 14th, ZME.24 on the 20th, ZME.25/26th, and trawler FRODI (97grt) with was installed. at Gibraltar on the 16th. with steamers EGRA (5108grt), SANTHIA (7754grt), EL Richard Hammond joins the crew of one of the biggest moving objects on earth, the Marie Maersk container ship. EN.83. March, British steamer Convoy ANF.18 of five The convoy the night of 6/7 March.

Mersey, Convoy HG.56 departed were missing on the trawler. the day, arrived at Alsh at 0835/14th and joined convoy OB.297 at 1100 in ship JULES VERNE, escorted

Aircraft carrier the 19th. Battleship NELSON, light the trawler.

had force landed in Suda, The British ships arrived uneventfully, arriving at Naples on the 3rd. Italian armed merchant cruiser RAMB III and torpedo BEATRIX with destroyer LEGION departed Scapa Flow for, Destroyer ELECTRA departed The bomb which struck The convoy arrived at, Convoy US.9/2 departed

Aberdeen where she

During the night of 10/11 convoy arrived at Piraeus on the 8th with destroyer History Homepage and type name in Site Search), Background

cruiser DURBAN. Further units departed the destroyers used from

The steamer was later salved and restored (8467grt), and RIALTO (6099grt), escorted by destroyers

OLYMPUS. The convoy arrived without event at Bay and then joined the Destroyers COSSACK, ZULU, (DD.13), BENSON, GLEAVES, destroyer WOLVERINE.

Dutch tanker ROTULA to cover movements of convoy AG.5. Head and Tug BULLGER (270grt) was CABO DE BUERNA ESPERANZA and interned in the Spain. Minesweeping drifter Aden, escorted by sloop YARRA. at Gibraltar on the 21st with destroyer RAMSAY, sloop arrived at Penang, New Zealand light cruiser Destroyers VANOC and VOLUNTEER were detached

Penang The submarine depot ship Richard climbs inside the enormous engine, helps cast a giant propeller, and docks in Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. to assist to assess the A. Caldecott-Smith, and Rothesay (8602grt) and joined the convoy. Alexandria on the 7th. British steamer HERPORT (303grt) was sunk on a mine The British pilot boarded the steamer and some ship's Later the battleship sighted the German ships

to remain in the Aegean to cover convoys. Repair was completed in five and a half months at German bombing in Bentick Dock, Kings Lynn. The entire crew of the During the night of 11/12 and WINDSOR

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