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Return to where you fought the Scrotus. Due to WB being focused on profit rather than the integrity of Mad Max with its assorted movies, certain questionable decisions have been made to make the game more vague and thus profitable.

Wandering around the desert, Max finds an overzealous, hunchbacked mechanic named Chumbucket (Jason Spisak) who calls him the Driver. If you've already bought all parts for The Jack and have 600 scraps to spare: Go ahead and buy it. The Mad Max guide will provide you walkthroughs for all the missions in the game. Drive Chum's buggy to Jeet's strongholdThe GPS will be automatically set to Jeet's so just follow its direction.

While in the car press to enter Sniper position.

In 2010 - shortly after the Mad Max game project was taken over by WB - Cory Barlog briefly started working at Avalanche Studios, however he later put out a statement that he did not bring his (and Miller's) version of the game to Avalanche and only worked there as a consultant. Scavening Location [S 53] WATER (24/191): There's a path around the cliffs on the right that let you enter the camp from the rear. Keep to the left as you exit that room to find an area with SCROTUS INSIGNIA #3 (11/30). Hit the wheel at the top of the crane. Kick open the door to find a WATER source and SCRAP #2 behind the center pillar. If you're short on AMMO you can jump diagonally towards the stair and run all the way around the wall to find some. See that kickable ladder that was mentioned before? Upgrading Max:You will now have access to the Max Upgrade menu. Once the pump have been blown up you've completed this Challenge: Climb up the ladder in the NW corner. If you press Start, and go to the tab to the far left, scroll down to Wasteland Missions, on the right it will display the ones you've completed. This is the list of Wasteland Missions from one of my 100% saves. Scavenging Location [AM 36] WATER (1/18): Just North of the Vantage OutpostEnemies: 3 Roadkill.Loot: 1 Scrap, Water, Fuel Can, PROJECT PART: Maggot Farm (2/4). Weak Scarecrow [AM 48] (1/12): Follow the designated road North to another Scarecrow. Climb down the ladder, turn right and enter the cargo container and do a 180 to the right to find SCROTUS INSIGNIA #2 (18/30). There are 2 enemies at the main entrance (you can easily dispatch them with the harpoon). Work your way around the yard towards a rack of Thundersticks and that calm with end - with the yelling of a single Scrotus that bursts out of a cargo container.

Now head up the stairs. Glory, with her last breath, tells Max that no one will remember her name, Max promises that he will remember, though she goes limp and dies in his arms. To the left of his cage is a crevice you can squeeze through. You'll be passing a camp now but we'll get to that one shortly. Exit and continue the only path forward. A cutscene will reveal some snipers. Afterwards break open the door in the area below Stump Grinders throne.

There's also a WATER source here so you can heal up before kicking the door to the next area. 5.

Once both snipers (3 and 4/5) are dead you can safely drive up the slope and enter Dead Barrens Pass. Griffa [AC 45] (OPTIONAL): If you want to spend some Griffa tokens you can find him by following the path right in front of you as you come back down from the Scarecrow. Turn right and follow the path for SCRAP #8. Easy to just drive him over. 3.

Go back and cross the bridge and get attacked by 2 Scrotus. There's also a container with SCRAP #9 here. Head back up and out to the yard where the War Crier used to be.

Try to get a clear shot at his fuel tank and he should be gone quickly. Griffa [AM 44] (OPTIONAL): You should be a few levels into Gaz Guzzler by now and ought to have a few tokens to spend. Suddenly they are attacked, by scavengers, who set the hideout ablaze. Climb the ladder to the War Crier crane and continue forward fro some CANNED FOOD and SCRAP #6. When spending scrap you should prioritize these before anything else. Max and the dog follow the tracks of the Land Mover. This time by 5 Feral Scrotus. Blow the pump up. In and around the area by the pump you'll find: SCRAP #8 (climb into shed in the NE corner), SCRAP #9 (behind the pump to the South), SCROTUS INSIGNIA #3 (3/8) (on the fence to the West). Up there are two cranes holding some Transfer Tanks (3 and 4/6). This is exactly what I was looking for! 5 Scrotus will attack you. Jacket Armor - Decreases damage done to Max's health. First you come to ledge you can climb. The next fight will be against 9 Scrotus. Max have a very floaty way of falling so be careful not to slip off the edge (and die! Eliminate Perimeter Defense SAND SIFTER [AF 42]: Sniper from the Scarecrow location:2 Snipers (2-3/30)1 War Crier. Now I gotta find something else to play. Wasteland Sniper [U 49] (7/30): Another one you can drive up to and dispatch with your Harpoon. Enter through there and turn right to find SCROTUS INSIGNIA #1 (9/30). You'll soon come across your first stop: Vantage Outpost [AM 51] (1/3): This balloon is READY TO USE.Enemies: NoneLoot: 2 Scraps, Fuel Can, History Relic [2:2] (3/3). SCROTUS INSIGNIA #1 (13/30) waits for you here. A Fuel Can is outside. Destroying this Scarecrow should bring the Threat Level down to 4 which unlocks a lot of upgrades for your car: Buy RETRACTO COILSBuy BABY EXHAUST if you have the scraps. Drive south along the mountain side to get back on the road. Return slightly and climb down to the ground level. There is a War Crier in the camp that can be eliminated from the high ground East of the camp. Jeet though is unconvinced and talks with Max. Climb up two set of ladders and you'll see SCRAP #2 on a rack.

His hideout is a overturned tanker ship. You should already have four parts (2 Scrap Crew + 1 Cleanup Crew + 1 Maggot Farm) but that's not enough to actually do something constructive. Sniper the War Crier crane from this location.Enemies: 5 RoadkillLoot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, Fuel Can, WATER, CAR PART: Die Rolla.

Tenderloin agrees on the grounds that Max square her debt with Crow Dazzle. Use another Thunderstick on the door leading to the North Entrance. Weak Scarecrow [AQ 47] (4/15): West North West. Killing these three enemies in the storm will net you: SCRAP #3 can be found before climbing the ladders.Between the ladder and hanging bridge: SCROTUS INSIGNIA #1 (1/8), SCRAP #4 and a Water Source. The guide will assume that you complete it. Destroy them with your Fuel Can. Scavenging Location [AU 48] (7/18): Thrall Rustler's CaveUse the Harpoon to take out the Sniper guard. The convoy consists of six car.

There are re-spawning Scrotus cars here.Enemies: 6 Scrotus (with 2 cars)Loot: 2 Scraps.

Don't bother about the Scavenging Location located at the en of the road. Scavenging Location [K 46] WATER(20/191)Enemies: 4 RoadkillsLoot: 2 Scraps, CAR BODY: Wild Hunt, PROJECT PART: Cleanup Crew (2/2), Scavenging Location [N 50] WATER (21/191)Enemies: 5 RoadkillsLoot: 2 Scraps, Fuel Can, WATER, Scavenging Location [O 50] WATER (22/191)Enemies: 4 RoadkillsLoot: 2 Scraps, Fuel Can, WATER, Scavenging Location [P 53] (23/191): Entrance is on the upper side. There will be a stair next but pass it for now and grab SCRAP #8 from under the canopy instead. Continue up the road until you reach the gate. Skills - Indicates how varied and effective Max's moveset is. Drive off this ramp to get your achievement. Completing STORM SHELTER will lower the Gutgash Territory Threat Level to 3 and in doing so unlock: Continuing on the Ashes to Ashes quest. Break it open with your Jimmy Bar (2/10). While you're at it also use Fuel Cans to blow up the two stacks of Red Barrels as these will net you another 12 towards the 50 needed for the Challenge.In the area across the bridge: 1 enemy, History Relic [5:16] (3/15) fully visible on a stone block, SCRAP #5 next to it, AMMO on the upper part around the fence, SCROTUS INSIGNIA #2 (5/8) above the exit of the area (use the Shotgun) and SCRAP #6 just below it. Try to do Jaw Breakers and parry a lot to learn the timing of Perfect Parry. There are 5 Scraps and 1 History Relic here.Climb the structure to reach the top of the wall. You'll come across SCRAP #7 just as you reach a ladder. Wasteland Sniper [AQ 48] (7/10): South. At the temple Hope asks Max to find her daughter, Glory (Madison Carlon), who had fled to Buzzard territory. Max asks if Chumbucket knows anywhere they can take refuge, and Chumbucket suggests that they seek the help of Jeet (Josh Keaton), whose stronghold is in an old lighthouse. Run up the path, past the shadow and grab the first lootContinue and use the zip line. As you escape Chumbucket's Hideout you'll see one of Stank Gums cars. 1. Riding up the balloon will start another Challenge: Scavenging Location [AN 51] (2/13): A shipwreck just east of the Vantage OutpostEnemies: NoneLoot: 1 Scrap, Ammo. The vehicles used in the movie later underwent further modifications which were not included in the game. Now bring a Fuel Can and continue on the left side through a Jimmy Bar door (3/10). Grab a Fuel Can from the infinite supply and sidle back. The next two location may be a bit tough - but this is the best time to pick them up. Strong Scarecrow [AM 35] (10/12)This one is sitting on top of a rock - out of Harpoon range - so you'll need to boost off the nearby cliff (there's a ramp like feature there) and crash it down.

A motion comic series (titled: Mad Max: Motion Comic) by DC Entertainment was released at Comic-con 2013. This early in the game it is advised to hop out of you car and collect any loot left behind from destroyed Scarecrows, cars or Sniper Towers. Opposite of it is a ladder leading down. There's a hidden entrance around the corner to the right. There will be several Buzzard cars attacking you during your escape.

Don't use the zip line. Build the Dog and Buggy ProjectThis will unlock Chum's Buggy in your Car Collection. The location you're currently at is a Scavenging Location [Z 33] (10/13). ". Don't fret: Chumbucket got a few rounds for you. The game is a stand-alone creation of WB and Avalanche Studios based on assets used in production of Fury Road from 1997 to 2010. To your right is another set of Transfer Tanks. Reward: 1 Griffa token. There are places to pick clean, threat levels to lower and it's been awhile since you last visited Griffa. It's possible to go back to the Thundersticks and dispatch of the yellow Scrotus from a "safe" distance. Inside the cave you face 2 more Scrotus. [3] Their game was supposed to be released with Fury Road that was set to be filmed in Broken Hill in 2009. Now head back and up the ladder you came from. There is a rack of Infinite Thundersticks near the pump. Use the Zip Line to get down (4/30)Enemies: 4 RoadkillsLoot: 3 Scraps, Ammo, WATER. SCROTUS INSIGNIA #1 (8/8) is right above the door you need to go through. Cross the bridge and in the shed from across it is SCRAP #2, WATER and on some beams in the ceiling sits SCROTUS INSIGNIA #2 (5/15). Finding the main route blocked by a barricade, Max finds a detour in an old elevator shaft. Continue forward and you'll come to place where you can either climb or turn right. Through the door you encounter 6 more Scrotus. The last Transfer Tank can be found down there. (15-16/30). Climb up and break the crank to lower the bridge. Max is saved by Hope, who takes him to Abdominous, the organic mechanic, and Scab (Orion Acaba), a paralyzed former War Boy who was used as a Bloodbag. Vantage Outpost [AE 33] (3/3): This balloon is TIED DOWNEnemies: 1 Roadkill sniperLoot: 2 Scraps, CANNED FOOD, Scavenging Location [AE 33] (7/13): Just East of the Vantage Outpost.Enemies: 2 Roadkill (1 sniper)Loot: 1 Scrap, Ammo. Free Blas CapUse the Jimmy Bar (1/10) to pry open the cage. In a last ditch attempt, Miller tried to develop his tie-in Mad Max game with help of newly acquired members of an Australian developer studio Team Bondi, but that plan had failed as well.

FIGHT! Top Speed - Indicates how fast your car can go. There's nothing more in this area than a couple of Fuel Cans and a Scrapulance car. To the right of said door is SCRAP #6. Completed 0 time(s), Defeat 35 enemies with a Shiv execution. Destroy it to have the War Crier plummet to his death.

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