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surface passing through the base of the wall. 0 nology, Cambridge, Publication Series 79. With a proper, method should still be applicable when walls experience. 1993; Matsuzawa and Hararika 1996). The mecha-, nism of mobilization of shearing resistance along these sur-. 1986. (3) For the required displacement to reach the Rankine's passive earth pressure force, it is the minimum in Mode T; next is in Mode RTT; it is relatively the maximum in Mode RBT. Nakai, (1985) also showed by finite element analysis the same pattern, of deformation with yielding occurring only near the base of, the wall, the rotating end. its rotation, the maximum wall movements, ment that is needed for the shearing resistance of the soil be-, hind the top of the wall to mobilize fully. 1978; Fang and Ishibashi 1986). [3]. The computed distributions of earth pressure where the modes of wall deflection are different agree with the tendencies known empirically. The agreement between these two sets of analytical, Nakai (1985) analyzed a 10 m high, smooth (, wall subject to four different modes of movement in a dense, 22.3° based on eq. However, when the rotation is sufficiently large, the lowest rupture sur-, face may intercept the wall at a level close to t, wall, which is the point of rotation. 1993. For, simplicity, it is assumed that there is a linear relationship between, the normalized mobilized shearing resistance represented by, relationship exists between the mobilized shearing resistance and, the corresponding wall displacement, with the maximum mobi-, lized shearing resistance capped by the corresponding limiting, value. Journal of Geotechnical Engi-, Taylor, D.W. 1941. endstream endobj startxref The, on the safe side for walls rotating about the base. Numerical modelling provides a low cost and scientific tool to study the effects of different parameters and controlling mechanism without the difficulties in preparation and conducting experiments. Five rupture criteria were compared: conventional (no rupture line), friction, stresses at the crack tip, crack spacing, and crack distance-time. mechanism differs from that assumed in Coulomb’s method. 3; Fang and Ishibashi 1986; Mat-, suzawa and Hararika 1996). The active state has been defined based on the progressive formation of a failure zone in the backfill. The selection of distributions of the mobilized soil resistance, From the discussion in the previous section, one can assume, of the backfill behind is only partially mobilized and the value, and about the top, respectively. and friction criteria were not adequate with the cohesionless Cam clay model used because of the discontinuity between the top and sub soils. Such, a method should consider the deformation patterns or the pro-, gressive rupture mechanisms in the soil behind the wall and, how they influence the mobilized shearing res, The pattern of deformation or rupture mechanism in the soil be-, hind a retaining wall depends on the mode and the magnitud, wall movement. Finally, through comparison with experimental data, the distribution of the active earth pressure calculated by the method proposed is shown to agree well with experimental results. Clough and Duncan’s (1971) finite element analyses involved, dium dense, naturally deposited, normally consolidated sand, were carried out for RAB with maximum displacements (, a comparison between the present solutions and the corre-, sponding finite element solutions for a rough soil–wall inter-, face. Distribution of lateral pressure on san, Terzaghi, K. 1941. Since a drastic, drop in shear strains is expected near the base where the wall, movement is insufficient, the mobilized shearing resistance will, vary in the lower part. 1978; Fang and Ishibashi 1986) clearly indicate, that the mobilized angle of wall friction generally varies along, movement can be assumed to vary linearly between the init. 226 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<32595216F43E5A4682F3C0C9535387CB>]/Index[206 40]/Info 205 0 R/Length 104/Prev 965658/Root 207 0 R/Size 246/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream This paper shows the results of finite element (FE) analyses of Small Punch Creep Testing (SPCT) of a P91 steel at 600°C using two different approaches to model the friction between the specimen and the punch. mechanism assumed in the present analysis. DEM Analysis of Backfilled Walls Subjected to Active Translation Mode, Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Active Earth Pressure Distributions behind Rigid Retaining Walls with Narrow Backfill under a Translational Mode, Nonlinear distribution of active earth pressure on retaining wall considering wall-soil friction, The use of new intelligent techniques in designing retaining walls, Lateral Earth Pressure Considering the Displacement of a Rigid Retaining Wall, Ultimate bearing capacity of circular shallow foundations in frozen clay, Active earth pressures for non-planar to planar slip surfaces considering soil arching, Inclined Slice Method to Earth Pressure of Narrow Cohesionless Backfill against Rigid Walls under Various Displacement Modes, Calculation of Active Earth Pressure in the Non-Limit State Based on Wedge Unit Method, Estimating and optimizing safety factors of retaining wall through neural network and bee colony techniques, Finite element analyses of retaining wall behavior, IL Earth pressures against rigid retaining walls, Experimental study on earth pressure of retaining wall by field test, Finite Element computations for active and passive earth pressure problems of retaining walls. Earth p, James, R.G. For walls rotating about the top, another earlier discussion, has indicated that the rupture mechanism, usually consisting, of a single sliding surface, as observed in practice, is similar. Using the axis-translation method, the earth pressure at rest is the initial state without wall movement. Fig-, rotating end has just fully mobilized), and subsequently to-, wards the limiting or fully active state (approximated by, The pressure distribution curves in Fig. The method attempts to evaluate late, for vertical walls with a horizontal soil surface that rotates. Figure 5, parison between Nakai’s solutions and the present solutions, for RAB. : Les théories classiques de poussée des terres ne son, : poussée des terres, sable, mur de soutènement, résistance a. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA Mode RBT) and rotation around some point above the wall top (i.e. The higher total lateral force can be attributed, to that fact that a large portion of soil cannot further mobilize, its resistance once the slip has started at the base. á4p��(�3� � ���p�9)Q�BR"�U@0"E��P~��:����ÇdX.�j���_�:8J�ד���}�iZ�5�|�F���y���9���70���H��b�U�)�&x�\�u��5عD۪eW�|��4��'3_'�U~�Y�����~��W���b��퓓4�g��/�����—K�=_n=’�i�:����d����x�r�ON@�t;��8���x����0�|���mM���G�sr��o�D��:;+�Ӂ֊� 'H�%���y�*�oN�"_���b�1�p�s��|�y4�L&��d�Ӻ���6�(�U���萤4������o���dZ��?��+���U���*��ġ� h޼Wmo�8�+��aȬ�`(�&떻KW,�� ��Dk}�ā�b��?R�{iڵ#M�)�)� ��sK8c0:��?�##JH9a� 2.0). The symbols σa and σp denote active and passive earth pressure respectively. is the initial lateral earth pressure coefficient. Proceedin, ference on Earth Pressure Problems, Vol. (2013) 244 found that the required translational movement should reach 245 0.2%H using silica sand as backfill. 1986. When the outward rotation is sufficiently large. The method uses Coulomb’s equation of ac-. Journal of Geotechn. Wu, T.H. The calculated active state parameters were compared with the parameters calculated using other methods based on rigid plastic assumptions.

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