how to make a sofa cover easy

Sewing machines - I was lucky to have access to my local makerspace's sewing machines - a serger, an industrial sewing machine and a heavy duty Singer.

This instructable will bring you through how I made a very easy couch cushion cover and tie dyed it to make a feature piece in my living room. Once my cushion covers were complete, I tie dyed the covers. You could also do a zig zag stitch combined with a single line stitch to finish the edges.

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You can use an extended setting on the washing machine, or reset the setting before the rinse cycle starts to extend the wash time. Don’t put the zipper in yet.

Dye - I recommend doing some research before purchasing your dye. That is, 3" for the depth of the foam, plus 1" so that the zipper started a little bit in from the edge. It looked so good that my husband's company used it as a podium for demonstrations at their annual oil convention. At first, I was really disappointed, but re-wrapping the elastics following the lines that had been made worked out well.

Now rip out the basting stitches so that the zipper shows from the outside.

Make sure the opening/closure area meets without a huge …

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I will be doing some cushions with those end flaps on them next week and will post and addendum to this tutorial. :o), you make it look so easy :) thanks for saying hello on my blog.

Now, if only I didn't have a vinyl retro couch..... A slip cover would probably work better for you, but I'd have to see the design to be sure. If you are dying your fabric, as I did, the neutral colour takes dye pretty well. Now, stitch the end pieces onto the cushion tube taking the seam allowance you pinned. The method for making this cushion cover can be adapted for ANY size rectangular cushion. This is the plan, it's good - it makes the cover fit snugly over your cushion. It is easier if you put the zipper in the middle of your cover. You may have typed the address incorrectly or you may have used an outdated link. Just use the same method to cover each one. I used this exact same method (minus the tie dye) to make a camping mattress cover. I found you through the link party.

As your seam was 1/2 inch, this means that the mark should be 3.5" up from the edge of the fabric.

I forgot to mention that.So blessed that you all are enjoying this. Now turn the cover right side out and insert the cushion. Slip the cover over your sofa.

Sew across the tip of the fabric so that you have a seam that crosses the mark you made 3” down from the folded edge. It should fit really snugly, so be prepared to manhandle the foam to squish it in there. He plays with the neighbor dogs who are pretty wild and don't live in the most sanitary conditions. The method for making this cushion cover can be adapted for ANY size rectangular cushion. (Bonus: Cute Pet Video).

Reply Make a mark. You should have already done this before cutting and sewing your covers. So my mom gave me some sofa with the condition that I need to get slip covers for it as the fabric was ruined. Participated in the Home Improvement Contest 2017, Participated in the Makerspace Contest 2017. It was my first time to do it ever! At this point, I chose to serge around the entire rectangle to finish the edges and make sure that it wouldn't fray.

It was easier for me to do it now, then later when the cushion was formed. As the drop cloths are a natural fiber (cotton) I also dissolved one cup of salt in four cups of very hot tap water and added it to the dye bath in the washing machine. As I was using a much larger foam and wanted to use fabric rather than leather to cover it, I didn't think that the approach in Step 9 in HomeMade Modern's design would work for me.

As I used powder dye, I pre-dissolved it in two cups of hot water before added it to the washing machine. I ended up having to re-dye my cushion three times to get a colour I was satisfied with because I used a generic brand that I could get locally. Thanks for a great idea! Eight old couch cushions, here I come--you're getting a major makeover!

You wouldn't be able to do this (except on the front fold) if you had tie dyed before sewing the cover.

Thanks so much for sharing this. Not sure who got the better deal - ha ha! In my case, as my cushion is 6" deep, I measure down 3". You need a piece of fabric that will go around the entire circumference of your foam in one wrap (1 seam at the back). Best to avoid this, but don't worry too much if you don't get a good colour the first time. What a great tutorial!

Now lay the zipper right side down against the wrong side of the cushion cover. 3 years ago.

If the back seat corners are baggy, pin any excess fabric inwards, and stitch down with a backstitch. Click.

Note: You will eventually have to move the zipper pull to stitch all the way to the end on both sides. Periodically check in the machine to make sure that all parts of the cover are submerged. 1 My dye said to leave them for a maximum of one hour before the rinse cycle begins – I used a full hour.

As I mentioned before, I ended up having to re-dye a couple of times to get a satisfying colour.

:). Sew in either end of the open long edge so that the opening is exactly that of the zipper. Just finished my first cushion! Depending on the dye you are using (again, make sure to follow the specific instructions that they provide), soak your covers. Foam - whether you are covering an old couch cushion, or recycling an old mattress as I did, you'll need something to cover.

About: Everything I make is done with love and imperfection.

Following the instructions on the dye that you are using, determine the amount of dye needed.

How to Make a Circle Skirt with No Pattern and No Side Seams! Wouldn't it be easier to tie dye the fabric before sewing so that you could better control the patterns? I recommend using better quality dye and a long time period in the dye bath. I just finished my two first cushions, and this was my first real sewing project. Pin evenly left, right, top, bottom, alternating each time, until the whole end piece is pinned to the side tube.

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