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Not the point, would have gladly paid full price as the food was outstanding, but the wait staff was confused. There are typically four to six items on the dessert menu. For his sake, I hope the TV magic continues because I know our party of 4 won't be dropping another several hundred dollars there anytime soon. The brioche twinkie with the deconstructed ceasar salad was to die for! Great experience. Copyright 2014 - 2020. After making the hostess aware that we wanted to order, the server returned oblivious to her lack of attention. Really interesting food choices - all in small plates to share. We were really disappointed. I was really excited to visit this restaurant because, well, Graham Elliot is on MasterChef and I really like watching MasterChef. The cocktail menu is a superb collection of classic, twisted, and traditional drinks along with fun variety of (mostly local) beer. No one is friendly. My wife and I are big fans of Graham Elliot from his appearance on MasterChef. Although we were hoping to see Chef Elliot, we weren't as lucky as some of the diners who went earlier that day.

Loved the linguine and clams as well as the grahamburger. Lamentablemente, este restaurante no está en la red de reservaciones de OpenTable. Great food and outdoor patio in the back. Our server, Anna, was fabulous. Great service. Food was major mediocre.

A traditional crème brulée is always a winning choice. Oh...and having Graham Elliott stop at our table and say Hi! Some might complain the portions are a little small for what you pay.

And if you are lucky then Graham himself will stop by your table and say hi!I've been twice (both times with deals to help ease the cost). Slagel Farms beef, onion marmalade, brie fondue. I loved the honeycomb in my salad. Came here for our anniversary and also because i am a huge MasterChef and MasterChef Junior fan! Top that off with great dishes, this will be our new place to splurge! The only complaint that I have is that I had to ask to get our Client's water glass refilled. good food, good value. I was looking for something one of a going to a Gordon Ramsey or John Besh or Emeril restaurant and it fell just short. BEAUTIFUL RESTAURANT, BEAUTIFUL SERVICE, GORGEOUS FOOD! Also, about 1/2 the menu was out.

Lucky us!

Maybe next time =) Ill definitely be back for that $7 small Frites and $16.

Took over an hour to get our entrees. Each dish was beautiful to look at and just as delicious. And to make for a perfect vacation experience, we got to meet Graham Elliot and get pictures taken with him. We sat on the back patio which is shared by two other restaurants. The patio is an auspicious and intimate space where the evening air brings with it a fun and sexy ambience.The first cocktail sets the mood and escalates the anticipation for an imaginative meal. The wait staff wore the restaurants t shirts, with the signature red converse. She herself travels frequently and was willing to share an article about her recent jaunt in Chicago to the famed Graham Elliot Bistro. Next I had the Steak Tartare with the quail egg. The service level was just perfect, unobtrusive yet responsive and efficient throughout. Everything about this meal was perfect. Dessert was outstanding . The drinks were seasonal as well as traditional, but with a modern, Graham Elliot twist. Easily the best preparation I've ever had, and as a Floridian ex-pat, I'm not easily impressed by seafood. {"baseUrl":"","environment":"prod-sc","hostName":"","language":"es","releaseName":"start-page-docker_teamcity_2.0.10351","requestId":"e3b498cf-e27a-4fe3-ac56-c27e2a8a9924"}. We shared a flight of cookie dough and the banana split for dessert, along with some well-crafted cocktails. Garlic aioli was a HIT!!! LG Construction Group transformed an old warehouse in the heart of the West Loop into one of Chicago’s most chic restaurants. Darla runs a successful travel business, Blue Breeze Travel, and specializes in food travel. We went to Graham Elliot Bistro for dinner last week and were impressed by the delicious small plates and main courses. We ordered the carrots for an appetizer, and lamb. Graham Elliott Bistro is a stylish and casual eatery specializing in American cuisine. The experience was so underwhelming I would never return. It was fine; it was unmemorable. Relaxed atmosphere but first rate service from enthusiastic/friendly but efficient Kali. Water is always refilled and plates were always cleared when finished.

Saturday night must have been an off night.

Graham Elliot Bistro menu in image format shown on this website has been digitised by Really, it's not worth it. The great thing about them is that they don't come off super greasy. These were SUPER delicious!! But that's fine by me. I was a fan of the ice cream made with real vanilla, as well.Overall I thought GEB hit it out of the park on four occasions, and the burger honestly was pretty good too (I was a big fan of the onions). We loved every part of this meal. The food was outstanding! When we asked, they waiter came back with one spoon although we had two dishes. His personal warmth, signature white glasses, and snazzy sense of style make him both likeable and approachable.Graham Elliot Bistro is in the heart of the West Loop dining district (841 W Randolph Street) on Chicago’s Restaurant Row. Although we were so full, we got the Panna Cotta. I wish it was a lot hotter.

My wife's dishes were also well balanced. The braised carrots were incredibly flavorful, and the risotto with peas was perfectly prepared.

It was a top notch meal and experience. Our server Julio made the experience.

And the best part was the $39 per person price. As many have mentioned, it is really not special at all. Plenty of nice restaurants in the area, great service and personality are hard to come by!

Also, music was loud so that it was difficult to carry on a conversation. Learn how your comment data is processed. Some things came very close but just didn't get there. I was here with my wife for a date, and we had a Groupon I bought a while back when I knew we'd need a night out later in the year.

While the service was geat, the food was mediocre. Anyway, we ordered Frites as our appetizer (not included in groupon).

Seems to me that if you're serving the old menu then you'd have those items available and once you switch you can use what's left for specials or feature items vs. telling customers that you're out and then make them wait over an hour for it. Very filling though. Loved the fact that it was fine dining, in a more relaxed atmosphere. The hamachi tasted like it could've just been pulled out of the ocean.The salmon was tender and moist, and absolutely covered in sesame seeds. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess and La Hacienda. Chicago and the rest of world have good reason to fall in love with Graham. Submit corrections.

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