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Special Topics in Global Societies and Cultures: Read More [+], Special Topics in Global Societies and Cultures: Read Less [-], Terms offered: Prior to 2007

Using a panoramic lens, we will explore a series of interactions, analyzing the wide-ranging effects of those interactions and the artifacts they produced. Global Change and World Order: Read Less [-], Terms offered: Spring 2021, Spring 2020, Spring 2019 Faculty sponsor must approve expected workload and units. Topics will change depending on the instructor teaching.

International and Area Studies, Latin American Studies. When topic changes.

Latin American Development: Read More [+], Latin American Development: Read Less [-], Terms offered: Fall 2020, Fall 2019, Fall 2018 Today, the Program is now the Department of Global Studies and has a highly successful Masters Program in Global Studies, a PhD emphasis in Global Studies, and a growing PhD in Global Studies program.

International and Area Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies. Find out more about the Global Service minor and Peace Corps Prep program here: This course is intended to prepare Global Studies MA students to be instructors in interdisciplinary/multi-departmental courses.

MA Seminar for Global Studies: Read More [+], Summer: 6 weeks - 5 hours of seminar per week, Subject/Course Level: Global Studies/Graduate, MA Seminar for Global Studies: Read Less [-], Terms offered: Fall 2020, Fall 2019, Fall 2018

Meet our new Global Studies Peer Advisors! Contentious History and Memory: Comfort Women Issues in Japan and Korea: Read More [+], Summer: 5 weeks - 18 hours of lecture per week, Contentious History and Memory: Comfort Women Issues in Japan and Korea: Read Less [-], Terms offered: Spring 2021 Each of these sections, examines key topics for understanding the region and its relationship to other parts of the globe. Daniel Zoughbie, Lecturer. The goal is to apply this understanding to resolving intercultural conflicts through mediation. International and Area Studies, Political Science. 2020 Summer Sessions GRIT Talks Featuring Professor Barandiarán, Energy Justice in Global Perspective 2018-19 Mellon Sawyer Seminar, Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies, Mellichamp Global Studies Research Initiative, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Religion and Social Change in a Global World - Blog. Summer: 6 weeks - 8 hours of lecture per week, Approaches to Peace and Conflict: Read Less [-], Terms offered: Spring 2021, Spring 2020, Summer 2019 First 6 Week Session Final Exam To be decided by the instructor when the class is offered. Prior knowledge of world history is not required. Africa In Global Context: Read More [+], Terms offered: Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2020

Globalization itself is not a new phenomenon; it can be traced back centuries if not millennia. Grading/Final exam status: Offered for pass/not pass grade only. As such it provides students with a basic theoretical introduction to the impact of global interaction as well as an opportunity to explore such interaction in a variety of case studies. We feel that the name Global Studies more accurately expresses who we are now and where we see ourselves headed in the future. Graduate students will be provided training in building their own interdisciplinary courses from the ground up.

International and area studies.

Professional Training: Teaching in Global Studies: Berkeley Berkeley Academic Guide: Academic Guide 2020-21. To the extent possible, the course draws connections between theory and practical case studies of international education programs, policy statements, and initiatives. Economics, globalization, economic growth, convergence, economics of post WWII Europe.Research Profile, + Munis D. Faruqui, Associate Professor. They will be happy to address any questions/concerns via e-mail. Global Studies 10B introduces students to global issues through the lens of the humanities, such as art, literature, film, and culture. Technical, institutional, policy and market requirements for sustainable agriculture are also analyzed in detail. Accordingly, the Global Studies program offers students the opportunity to specialize in a specific aspect of the "Global," with concentrations in either Global Development, Global Peace and Conflict, or Global Societies and Cultures. Introduction to Global Studies: Read More [+]. Miguel A. Altieri, Professor. urban life, Hindu nationalism and other social movements, the postcolonial public, expressive culture, the changing nature and role of casts.

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