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Do not use freshly cooked rice. Tried it once and it turned out well.. Will prepare it again. Can you also provide few new once as well? Fry the rice for about 1-2 minutes until heated through.

Cook for 2-3 minutes over medium flame. Have ready all ingredients needed near your stove before you start frying. AJNS New Media GmbH | Storkower Straße 115 | 10407 Berlin | Phone: +49 (0)30 695 182 91 | Email: hello@kitchenstories.deRepresented by Mengting Gao & Verena HubertzKitchen Stories is supported by product placement. Thanks a ton. Thank you very much. Dish up and garnish with more spring onions, red chillies and fried shallots. would lilke to have more and more recipes. Then lower the heat and add the oil. I tried it. Do not overcook the eggs. Thanks. Angie Liew (known as Huang) has a strong love for cooking from a young age. I like it very much. Add in the cooked rice. All rights reserved. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A Simple Classic Fried Rice.

Keep on sharing such good recipes. Then, sprinkle some ground white pepper and give another quick mix. Awesome recipe. Add previously prepared steamed rice and vinegar. This is a classic Chinese Egg Fried Rice recipe (蛋炒饭), made in chinese restaurant style but in the comfort of your own home. Hi..

I prepared this dish today for lunch but it was waste of time, I don't like this dish. I followed this recipe one time at dinner, it was very tasty.

It's really fantastic.

Beat eggs in a bowl. Love the site. Use a big wok/pan to fry your rice. It is a quick and simple fried rice dish that is extremely easy to prepare. Try not to use a non-stick wok for your fried rice. all of your recipes are good one, i simply love them. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy! For best results, a carbon steel wok is used for frying this dish as it really brings out the “wok” flavour, which is the signature aroma for any Chinese fried rice dish. To cook fried rice, use 1 cup of water to cook 1 cup of rice. You will actually see smoke coming out of the wok. When using the wok, always bring the wok to smoking point. Being a self taught chef, she focuses on improving cooking recipes, simplifying and documenting cooking methods so that her great home cooked dishes can be served and shared among family and friends. Try using less water to cook the rice than you normally do. Could we add ginger garlic paste also? Too good recipe of veg fried rice... Just made.. The rice needs to be lightly tossed in the wok, for every grain of rice to be fried and infused with a good ‘wok hei’ taste. For variation, add chopped vegetables like celery, green peas, capsicum, etc. This is to prevent overcrowding. This indo chinese fried rice comes together rather quickly and uses leftover rice. And it's ready to be served. This simple Chinese egg fried rice dish is fried to accomplish just that level of perfection. Swirl in the oil to coat the bottom of wok. Heat oil in a wok or frying pan over medium heat and sauté sliced onion, green chilli, chopped ginger and chopped garlic; sauté them for a minute. Only 3 eggs, some onions and light seasonings is all you need. Dish up and set aside the scrambled eggs. Seems delicious.... My I use something else in place pf soya sauce? All recipes and content are created by Back To Top. Slice green onions and dice the carrot. Tastes superb as a simple meal on its own too. I love this recipe very much. Make sure that vegetables are not over cooked, they should be slightly crispy but not soft. Only 2 eggs, some onions and light seasonings are all that you need. Do not stir too much otherwise rice grains may break. Only add seasonings at the last of cooking as salt causes rice to stick to the wok. Reserve remaining green onion for garnish. After lightly seasoning with salt, ground white pepper and light soy sauce, the rice is mixed together with the soft scrambled eggs. Lastly, add in the chopped spring onion. My husband liked it.

The most important thing is to make sure the rice is cooked, cooled and clump-free, so that it will not stick together during the frying process. Slice green onions and dice the carrot. Green pea falafel with lemon couscous and minty yogurt. This tastes just like what you’ll get at your favourite Chinese restaurant. Continue to stir fry until well combined. I cooked this recipe based on your recipe above and it came out nicely and quite tasty. I simply love your dishes ... tried few of them and it turned out very well .. thanks. Beat the eggs, then add most of the chopped green onion and stir to combine. Serve hot with manchurian gravy. Of course, its a great way to use up leftover rice as well. To start, have ready 3 cups of cooked and cooled rice (preferably left overnight).

Very nice recipe. Only 2 eggs, some onions and light seasonings are all that you need. In fact I tried once at home. Do not use short grain, sushi rice or glutinous rice. Beat the eggs, then add most of the chopped green onion and stir to combine. It was awesome & my parents enjoyed that. Hi, please upload recipes for chinese schezwan noodles. Reserve remaining green onion for garnish.

Do u need to fry the rice before cooking? Otherwise, you will have mushy rice that can't be fried. This will ensure the wok to be non-stick. Use Basmati rice to make it more flavorful and aromatic. It was amazing. Add carrot, cabbage, spring onion and French beans and stir-fry them for 2-3 minutes. Constantly turn the rice, otherwise the rice will burn. Add and mix black pepper powder, soya sauce and salt.

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Turn the stove burner to as high as it will go. I really loved it. Fantabulous recipe. I tried, it turns into hotel type chinise fried rice. Also 3 eggs, spring onion, oil and seasonings. Turn off the flame and transfer Chinese fried rice to a serving bowl. Just made it. See Snacks & Appetizers Recipe Collection, Ayam Goreng Berempah (Malay Spiced Fried Chicken), Spiral Curry Puffs (Karipap Pusing 螺旋咖喱角), Tom Yam Fried Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli) 东炎炒米粉, Steamed Pork Ribs with Pickled Plum 咸水梅蒸排骨, Steamed Spare Ribs with Fermented Bean Paste 豆酱蒸排骨, Nyonya Rice Dumplings (Nyonya Chang) 娘惹粽子, Nyonya Rice Dumplings with Chicken 娘惹鸡肉粽子, Purple Sweet Potato Steamed Cake (Huat Kueh) 紫薯蒸发糕, Steamed Mandarin Orange Huat Kueh (Steamed Muffins) 蒸柑橘发糕. This is a classic Chinese Egg Fried Rice recipe (蛋炒饭), made in chinese restaurant style but in the comfort of your own home. Add a little oil to the wok and scramble the eggs over medium heat. I prepared this recipe today for lunch and everyone liked it! Try it out fellas.

It is a quick and simple fried rice dish that is extremely easy to prepare. hey thank you for sharing chiness fried rice. It should have the unmistakable signature chewy-tender texture. Great & Perfect Recipe....I\'ve tried this.. Lovely.. Mix gently. Fried Rice is one of my favorite. @2020 - Huang Kitchen. Please tell me can we use tomato in gravy of manchurian? This is a Chinese Egg Fried Rice recipe (蛋炒饭), made in restaurant style with Wok Hei. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Keep stirring until the rice is evenly cooked and coated with eggs, about 2 minutes. I request you to please share recipe of Scezhwan Sauce & Hunan Sauce. Then, dice one big onion and chop some fresh spring onions. so nice recipe i am very big fan of indo-chinese food. Always use rice that has cooked and cooled down for at least for 2 hours. You may withdraw your consent at any time. Next, add in the diced onions and continue to stir fry, mixing well. Add in eggs and scramble until egg is just set. Cut onion into thin slices and finely chop green chilli. Looking yummy. All my family loved it... Love this fantastic recipe. My rice was amazing and its taste was delicious. Preferably use a carbon steel wok as you need a blazing hot wok for the best results. Great fried rice should have individual grains of rice that barely clump together when scooped up with a spoon. Coming to this Indo Chinese Fried Rice, this is a super simple vegetarian fried rice which I grew up eating in the Indo-chinese restaurants in India. 2 stalks Spring Onion (green onion), finely chopped, Chinese Fried Rice Recipe In Hindi (हिन्दी में पढ़े).

Next, pour in the soy sauce around the edges of wok and give it a quick stir fry. To get Wok Hei fragrance (breath of wok), the wok needs to be heated up till smoking and the rice tossed repeatedly in order to 'smoke' the rice. All Right Reserved. I always find Indo-Chinese cuisine difficult for me to cook, but this recipe came out perfect. On high setting, heat up 2 tbsp oil in wok until very hot. Enjoy! Therefore, creating the signature smoky flavour. Reheat the wok.

It is a quick and simple fried rice dish that is extremely easy to prepare.

So this may be far from authentic but this is how it’s mostly done in the Indo-Chinese cuisine. To know if the wok is hot enough: after 30 seconds of heating, flick droplets of water into the wok. Add 1 teaspoon oil or 3-4 lemon drops while preparing steamed rice to make them non-sticky and separated. Wet your fingers and run through the rice to remove any clumps. And we're ready to fry the rice! If the water droplets evaporates upon 1 to 2 seconds of contact, your wok is ready. Use the back of the ladle to gently tap and break up rice or any clumps. Use wet seasonings (sauces) with moderation. I like your recipe style, which gave much comfort feeling. Good. Garnish with some more sliced green onion. Love it. Add the cooked rice and diced carrot, season with salt, pepper, and wine, stir fry on highest heat. Is it 2 and 1/2 cup raw rice or after boiling? Use medium to long grain rice. Thank you. Very nice recipe..

I love fried rice but this dish I don't have words.

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