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, WCO’s Generation and USGS Gauge Information Page, Fall Fishing is heating up with a few tips and pointers.
jennie tillery. Followers 0. A word of wisdom from Duke Energy The Catawba  River Tailrace is a tailwater fishery below Lake James dam that provides excellent brown trout fishing from September to May. In their Siouan language, they identified as the Kawahcatawbas, "the people of the river". The meeting of the North Toe River and Cane River forms the Nolichucky River near the small community of Huntdale, North Carolina. It flows within 100 yards of our shop and we have been float fishing it for more than 10 years. Are you ready for some…… Delayed Harvest fishin??? An email address is required to associate with your Fishidy premium subscription. Duke Power manages the Bridgewater Hydro Station on Lake James and releases water for power generation into the Catawba River below the dam. It rises in the Blue Ridge Mountains in western McDowell County, North Carolina, approximately 20 miles (30 km) east of Asheville. We offer half day and full day trips. Face masks are still required in public places. 35.7373, -81.8343 Catawba River- Game land portion below blue ridge parkway & from first bridge on. The Catawba River tailrace below Lake James is our home water! For float fisherman a nice state maintained ramp is located just downstream from the dam and a take out ramp is located 8 miles downstream which is maintained by the city of Glen Alpine. Fishing out of a raft allows clients to cover more water, and hit less pressured sections that are not accessible by foot.

Delayed Harvest is here – stocking this week! Catching a 2-pound smallmouth bass on a fly rod or light tackle is something every angler should experience in their lifetime.

The river is in close proximity to downtown Asheville making it one of our most popular floats from the beginning of April to mid October. The river is named after the Catawba tribe of Native Americans. Turbines at the powerhouse provide essential oxygen and minimum water flows to the trout downstream which keeps them healthy. This reservoir is created by three dams on the Catawba, Linville, and Paddy Creeks that were completed in 1923. Some incredible trout water in our “backyard”. Duke Energy Information Line 800-829-5253 then select options 1, 1, 2, then 1 for Bridgewater, Your email address will not be published.

The waters will provide the best trout fishing of the year! *. * The Catawba Angler provides transportation, fishing gear, drinks and snacks on all float trips. The Catawba Angler only offers full day guided trips on this section of river. You are trying to access a feature that requires a Fishidy account. 3 Green River 10 North Fork Catawba River 17 South Toe River 24 Dan River 31 Roaring River 4 Catawba River 11 Upper Creek/Warrior Fork 18 Cheoah River 25 Watauga River 32 Stony Fork 5 Henry Fork River 12 Wilson Creek 19 Little Tennessee River 26 Elk Creek 33 Yadkin River

Note: Scheduled flow releases are subject to variability based on natural conditions and/or unexpected changes in hydro project operation. Guiding clients on this river is not something we do in our spare time or when we are not busy at our other job this is our life. Most of the smallmouth range between 10-12 inches, but 20-inch fish that weigh up to 5 pounds have been brought to the boat. B. SR 1223 below lake james power house to … Norman has risen from nearly -6.5' to -2.7' as of this morning. The Catawba River Tailrace The Catawba River Tailrace is a tailwater fishery below Lake James dam that provides excellent brown trout fishing from September to May. © 2020 Fishidy. These fish are growing at nearly 3/4″ per month and are very willing to eat a well presented fly. Delayed Harvest waters are creeks and rivers that receive trout stockings from the NCWRC. This is the state's only Special Regulation Trout Stream, anglers are allowed to… About the Lake James Tailrace, Bridgewater: Brush has been cleared from an area of shoreline, and a universally accessible, wooden pier accesses the Catawba River tailrace of Lake James. “Buck” Duke, spans McDowell and Burke counties, N.C., and is formed by damming three streams: the Catawba River, Paddy Creek, and the Linville River. WCO offers shuttle services for angles floating the river. These areas are prone to a sudden rise and violent turbulence in the water. The Catawba Angler was voted the best fishing guide service in McDowell County for 2019 and 2020. Followers 534 Catches 42 Spots 3. About the Lake James Tailrace, Bridgewater: There are four boat ramps as well as four commercial marinas. We guide on Curtis Creek, Mill Creek, and the Catawba River which have delayed harvest sections. Catawba River.

Lake James, named after J. Caution: Do not enter the tailrace section directly below hydroelectric stations. Sweet rentals and home places just down the road. Explore our pages and find your next fishing spot. Brush has been cleared from an area of shoreline, and a universally accessible, wooden pier accesses the Catawba River tailrace of Lake James. Always exercise caution when boating or fishing on lakes and rivers. This is an excellent float to target smallmouth bass on topwater lures or flies during the hot summer months. Morganton can be found in the great state of North Carolina. The Catawba River tailrace below Lake James is about an hour from Charlotte and is an incredible brown trout fishery. By Jeff Hollis, ... All of the Catawba chain lakes in NC have been restored to near full pool/above full pool levels in the last two weeks. Lake James is a large reservoir in the mountains of Western North Carolina which straddles the border between Burke and McDowell Counties.
The Catawba Tailrace is home to some very large brown trout. Turbines at the powerhouse provide essential oxygen and minimum water flows to the trout downstream which keeps them healthy.

WCO Notes about access.. This section of the stream is a Designated Public Mountain Trout Water, and it is stocked with trout from April through August. Access is a major issue with this tailrace since most of the shoreline is privately owned and posted against trespassing. Duke Energy may, at any time, and without prior warning, change operations of our hydro facilities in response to high electricity demand, flooding, electric system emergencies or other conditions. The Catawba Angler, 750 Ebenezer Church Road, Old Fort, NC, 28762, United States. Lake James, named after J. We offer Float Trips as well as Wade Trips on our Exclusive Access Area of the river. The French Broad River is considered the third oldest river in the world, and one of the best smallmouth rivers in the Southeast. Governor Roy Cooper has announced the entire state of North Carolina will remain in Phase 3 through Friday, Nov. 13, at the earliest. B. With the recent dam reconstruction the water quality and flows have improved dramatically. Details: Yellow Perch with a pink spinner. Brush has been cleared from an area of shoreline, and a universally accessible, wooden pier accesses the Catawba River tailrace of Lake James. Catawba River (Morganton Greenway) Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. We offer half day and full day trips. Just give us a call to set up the details. Bridgewater Hydro Station has two generating units. This section... Sign in to your account to find other friends and anglers who are using Fishidy. Flyshop and guide service located in Morgranton, North Carolina 831 West Union Street Morganton, NC 828-430-3556 Event Calender Our Location Fishing Report/Outlook Contact Us WCO Blog I did see where all ramps on Wylie are now open. 35.6597, -81.6384 Henry Fork-Lower south mountain state park line downstream to SR 1919 at Ivy creek. Lake James is a 6,528 acre reservoir located in Burke County, North Carolina. With over 15 miles of trout water and very little public access float fishing is your best bet. Location: McDowell and Burke counties, North Carolina. More specifically, it can be found at 35.7454071044922 and -81.6848220825195. Bridgewater Hydro Station was named for the Southern Railway depot to which the materials to build the dam and hydro station were shipped. All Rights Reserved. Located on Lake James in Morganton, N.C., it began commercial operation on May 4, 1919. Lake James has 150 miles... About the Lake James Tailrace, Bridgewater: If you are interested in seeing explosive topwater takes, then this float is for you. The new turbines that provide a minimum flow also provides much needed dissolved oxygen for the fish.

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