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Edward gave chase and disabled Hornigold's ship, forcing it to beach on a nearby island.

He also utilized a canesword, unleashing it only in times of need, such as fending off criminals. In terms of equipment Edward primarily carried two cutlasses and four flintlock pistols on his person, in order to compensate for the long reload times of the firearms.

He proposed using a fireship to ram the British blockade, and went to gather the gunpowder while Vane retrieved the pine pitch. Please check back soon for updates. Edward James Kenway (1693 – 1735) was a Welsh-born British privateer-turned-pirate and a member of the West Indies and British Brotherhoods of Assassins. March 10, 1693Swansea, Wales, England He used his wealth to build a mansion in the capital of London, and lived a peaceful life. [4], At the age of seventeen, Edward met Caroline Scott, who intervened on his behalf during an altercation outside the Auld Shillelagh tavern, in which Edward was defending Rose, one of the Scott family's housemaids, from being raped by Tom Cobleigh. Edward listened to Torres' plans to locate a First Civilization site known as the Observatory, which the Templars believed would allow them to monitor every person in the world and learn all their secrets. Despite not being originally trained in the Assassin methods, Edward possessed his own skill set that rivaled that of the Assassins, demonstrating some expertise in stealth, eavesdropping and pickpocketing. Inside, he was set upon by the Templars, but made full use of the complex's defenses, which had activated in responses to the Crystal Skull's removal, to dispose of them.

[4], Sailing under the Emperor, Edward was often harassed by his more experienced and hardened peers, especially the brutish sailor Blaney. Will you work in the dark? He dropped a smoke bomb before fleeing to safety, away from the Spanish Army. Edward came out of hiding to berate Hornigold for his betrayal, whereupon he was beset by Torres' soldiers.

Four months later, Edward was freed by Ah Tabai, who had traveled to Port Royal in order to free Mary and Anne. When the family returned home that night, Edward asked his son whether he thought that the thief should have been allowed to go free. Additionally, despite only being recently introduced to the Hidden Blade, he proved capable in its usage and, after being instructed by Rogers and du Casse, was capable of performing various assassination techniques.[5]. However, Anne did tell Edward that she considered him a good man and felt he could prove himself a good father in time as well. View full history. [11], Edward managed to escape confinement with the help of a similarly imprisoned Adéwalé, where they recruited a number of other prisoners, and stole one of the fleet's ships in the process. At the same time, she knew that starting a relationship with Edward would incur the wrath of her father upon them both. He discovered Temples in Italy, as well as one one underneath Alamut.

[5], James Kidd congratulated Edward on his victory, and brought him to a Mayan stela in the jungle, telling him to use "the light of life" to uncover the treasure to which it pointed. however, as he and Kidd completed an associated puzzle, layers of the However, the pastoral life did not agree with Edward and he became a well-known troublemaker in his adolescence.

Using the distraction, Edward sneaked on board the Jackdaw and released his men.

He found the city in lockdown, as Torres had anticipated his arrival. Edward landed several good hits on Blaney, prompting Blaney to draw a blade in a fit of rage. Once that had located one, both the Ranger and the Jackdaw launched their attack. [5], Edward meeting with Thatch at Charles-Towne, One month later, the two met near Charles-Towne, where Edward was shocked to see Queen Anne's Revenge brazenly off shore with hostages aboard.

I want a decent life.

After procuring the gunpowder, Edward returned to Vane, who was still in the process of retrieving the pitch. During that time, Evie would use Edward's research of precursor artifacts as part her pursuit of a Shroud of Eden.

Edward agreed, reflecting on the fact that despite his wealth, he had lost everyone he cared about in its pursuit. On the way back to the governor's house, they were ambushed by Assassins and Roberts fled, though Edward managed to chase him down and retrieve him. The women seduce while the men charm and dazzle, and both can sweep the object of their affection off his or her feet. He subsequently took to piracy and began working aboard a brig, the Jacobite.

Upon his return to Nassau, Edward learned from Charles Vane and Jack Rackham that Governor Torres of Cuba was residing in a fort with a sizable amount of gold that Charles aimed to steal.

Washing up next to Edward, Walpole was wounded by the shrapnel from the magazine's explosion. [5], Upon his return to Nassau, Edward learned from Charles Vane and Jack Rackham that Governor Torres of Cuba was residing in a fort with a sizable amount of gold that Charles aimed to steal. The Spanish wars with British forces ended with seducing Edward to money and glory as a pirate. Matt Ryan is single.

Undercutting him, Edward quickly sailed to Torres' location and captured the fort.

. However, Mary had grown ill due to giving birth in the prison's unsanitary conditions; despite Edward's attempts to carry her to freedom, she could not make the escape.
In 1725 Tessa and him bought a manor in Queen Anne's Square in London and had a son, Haytham.

Within moments, a nearby British fleet bombarded Ocracoke with mortars, destroying the town and many of the ships in the docks. Edward agreed, but stated that he would return home to mend his relationship with Caroline first. Edward decided to use the opportunity to reach Roberts himself, and coerced Torres into aiding him. Matt Ryan has not been previously engaged. This page is updated often with new details about Matt Ryan.

[6], Edward shortly encountered a group of British soldiers harassing a merchant named Stede Bonnet, whom they believed to have been one of the pirates involved in the earlier battle. British Disappointed, Thatch left, but was shortly pursued by Edward. [5], Sneaking through the ruins, Edward managed to get behind Vane and disarmed him, before leaving him alone on the island.

Although the amount of medicine they procured was pitiful, Edward suggested they travel to Charles-Towne - whose stamp adorned the medicine crates – to retrieve the whole lot.

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