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Historians believe that the slaves were kept on the ground floor in cells, while the wealthy white slave masters lived in comfortable quarters on the second floor. Today it’s a tropical paradise frequented by international tourists and local students from Dakar, Senegal’s capital, but historically this place bears the grotesque scars of slavery. This was a testament to the four European nations that controlled the island at various points in history. This is the dockyard in London where that sugar, along with rum, tea, and cotton, would end up. This wasn’t a case of “a few evil slave traders,” but a demonstration of injustice forming the fabric of entire societies. forgotten and never to happen again! re-connect and form an effective link with "Mother" Afrika and our past; a time to give thanks to The Creator for returning us safely But see, we rejoice Between small hikes, remote cultural day trips and immersive activities, you will spend lots of time, walking, standing, sitting & traveling. Please schedule a phone call or send us a message to inquire about international round trip flights. Giveaways, Blog Posts & News from the Continent! Chamber of Horror

", Iris Fatima Banister - But along the way it became a warehouse for Africans as they were rounded up and shipped to the New World and into lives of servitude. Please let us know who referred you to this Away to Africa trip. Pro tip: If you’re looking for a great night out in Accra, your best bet is East Legon, Osu or Commercial Road. We as Afrikans both at home and abroad must Visit the Cape Coast Slave Dungeon for a historic tour of their grueling accounts in the dark dungeons before exiting the "Door Of No Return". *. Classic Man rapper Jidenna made an appearance, electronic act Major Lazer threw epic beachside parties, and even Beyoncé was rumoured to have made the pilgrimage. Its Year of Return theme, Diaspora Calling, highlighted the process of various African cultures transcending borders without losing their heritage. This movement will include business, clergy and government leaders, diverse professionals, artist and entertainers, students and other stakeholders who will form alliances and linkages with like-minded counterparts in Africa. Explore the Akodessewa fetish market and the slave market of Agbodrafo. How long will you and your group be joining us for? If Ghana’s Cape Coast is a place of quiet reflection and sombre truths, then its capital, Accra, is a place of song and vigour. on Lovely Lamu…Extended Vacay or Lockdown? "THRU THE DOOR OF NO RETURN" It was also the year Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo, invited all people of African descent to return to the continent – specifically Ghana – to rethink their identity and reclaim their roots. Pro tip: Make sure your visit to the Cape Coast is no less than an overnight stay, since there’s so much to see and do in the region. Mrs. Trump entered the hall following a procession of girls blowing horns. Web Design:- Image Design. as returned Afrikan Descendants to create the "THRU THE DOOR OF NO RETURN - West India Docks, London, 1802 (source:, Source:, Warehouse for slave-made goods, built in 1803. A government motion has been passed, experts have been consulted, recommendations have been made, and just last week, Canadian Health Minister Ginette Petitpas-Taylor announced what the government will do about online pornography.

As an advocate for African entrepreneurship, Aboagye-Graham believes that the best ways in which to invest in Ghana’s rapidly expanding economy are through contributions to and support of the hospitality, technology and agriculture sectors. I am thrilled to introduce […], On November 14, CNN released a video of their investigation into Libya’s slave markets. The tour begins on the ground floor and ends with the male and female dungeons and the Door of No Return. Think you’ve experienced enough during your journey throughout Togo & Benin. Essence Full Circle is a travel group founded by actor Boris Kodjoe and family, aiming to show the world the true face of Africa. America and other parts of the Diaspora cry when they enter the Cape Coast and Our tour to Benin & Togo includes enjoying diverse cultural expeditions throughout the country based on single/double occupancy ensuite for all lodging.

The tour guide, an elderly Senegalese man with a French beret, told me that a male slave had to have a minimum weight of 63kg (138 lbs) to be eligible for being sold abroad.

She was escorted to a high-backed chair alongside Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II, chieftain of the Fante tribe, before an audience of fellow tribe members, U.S. Embassy staff and journalists. ceremony answers the yearning of Afrikan Descendants in search of their roots Swedes built the castle for use in the trade of timber and gold. The first lady is visiting Africa on her first solo international trip. "UNTIL THE LIONS HAVE THEIR OWN  The West African music scene is booming, with the emerging genre Afrobeats at its centre. The journey has been so significant for some that they’ve taken citizenship and set up shop in the West African country, trading Western comforts for a new way of life. Press the space bar once to pause the tour and look around (360 degrees).

From this spot, traders would leave with manufactured goods, like guns and alcohol, and exchange them for slaves when they reached Africa. Today’s post is […], Online porn is affecting us, and it’s affecting our kids. Afterwards, visit the Cathedral and Chief Palace at Cotonou, a secret slave house operated by chiefs and slave masters in Agbodrafo.  commemorative ceremony in the Male & Female  I’m just posting a quick note to let you know that Michelle has been off screens for nearly three months with a rather serious concussion. Never Flagging a taxi is simple – just wave your hand and contribute two cedis (about £0.30) to the pool. Rochester, NY. Follow Darlene Superville on Twitter:, First lady Melania Trump stands in the "Door Of No Return" with Cape Coast Castle museum educator Kwesi Essel-Blankson as she visits Cape Coast Castle in Cape Coast, Ghana, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018.

Here, the streets are lined with bars, clubs and restaurants celebrating the best of African nightlife, music and dance. All rights Ride-sharing apps like Uber have also hit the scene with responsive drivers waiting for pin drops. The following proverb people  The Caribbean and its sugar plantations lay almost directly West, and the trip across the Atlantic typically lasted between six and eight weeks. "Thank you ONE AFRICA, for In 1619, the first officially documented group of Africans were brought against their will to America and were sold into servitude as involuntary laborers. Souvenirs & Snacks, Lunch, Dinner & Alcoholic drinks.

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