compass test pilot

Specifically, use our ‘Flight Director’ activity, which is modelled on the COMPASS ‘Task Manager’ test. This test will basically assess all the required skills that an airline pilot should possess, besides the technical and mathematical ones. Unfortunately, it’s trickier than this and you need to maintain these skills, otherwise, you’re going to lose them little by little. These questions are modelled on the style used in the COMPASS test battery. The assessment of skills such as multi-tasking, spatial awareness, memory capacity, hand-to-eye coordination and mental arithmetic cannot necessarily be assessed within one test and therefore a pilot aptitude test is commonly separated in to a collection of tests, organised in to a battery and completed by the candidate in one sitting. When you feel co… In particular, the COMPASS test battery utilised by the organisation assessing you may incorporate the testing of hand-to-eye coordination, mental arithmetic, memory recall, multi-tasking, spatial awareness and orientation in space, verbal reasoning and understanding of physics (science). We recommend using the content shown below to tailor your preparation specifically for the COMPASS computerised pilot aptitude test. A Super Plus Subscription can be purchased instantly online and will provide access to the content shown below: Please log in before calling get_user_field('s2member_access_label'). EPST est spécialisée en sélection de pilotes. These questions are modelled on the style used in the COMPASS test battery. Some people tell me that they won’t need any preparation for the Compass Test because “it shouldn’t” be very difficult. The Compass Test is a pilot aptitude screening system used by different airlines and flight schools in order to assess the skills required for an airline pilot. So all candidates are tested on the same set of skills required to become an airline pilot. Multi-tasking activity with three different activities which must be monitored and successfully completed simultaneously. Tasking the candidate with controlling multiple intermittently changing datums, Guidance assesses and enhances selective attention and hand-to-eye coordination skills. Have a question about our software? Remember that preparation and consistency are the keys to get high scores at the Compass Test. Bearings assesses user understanding of their position in physical space, known as spatial awareness, using common flight instruments. When you feel comfortable enough, you can generate the real test that will finally be assessed. Use our Science database, which contains a large collection of relevant questions and answers organised in to easy, medium and hard difficulties. Three levels of difficulty, answers and feedback are provided. Rotating tube containing a variety of different two-dimensional shapes, which must be correctly navigated (or flown through) to ensure continued progression through the tube. Even though you don’t know when will your assessment be, start practicing these tests to acquire those skills that an airline pilot is required to have. The second piece of equipment you will use during your compass test are the rudder pedals. So all candidates are tested on the same set of skills required to become an airline pilot. They are not that difficult provided you are prepared enough. What is Compass Test? Like PILAPT and ADAPT, COMPASS is a highly popular method of assessment of both ab-initio and experienced pilot candidates. Because COMPASS is a series of tests taken on a normal PC, the results are not open to interpretation. COMPASS: COMputerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System. COMPASS is a pilot selection and screening system used by airlines and FTOs to screen and select candidate pilots for commercial aviation pilot training. Your email address will not be published. Note that this trial test won’t be evaluated…so it won’t be taken into account for your final score. The COMPASS pilot aptitude testing system is a computer based aptitude test for both Ab-Initio and advanced pilots. This made me lose some precious time. In my opinion, you should practice from the beginning in the real exam conditions. Like always, if there’s something important that I omitted, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

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