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I've found their cities aren't too impressive with production, especially a little later into the game. I believe Russia, Khmer, and Arabia are considered the best civs for high level religious victories. Lavras make securing a religion easy. The reasoning for these bonuses is as follows: Lenin is known for his efforts to end the Tsarist regime in Russia, particularly in the 1905 Uprising, the 1917 February Revolution (which established the provisional government), and the 1917 October Revolution (which overthrow the provisional government and established Bolshevik rule). Expand quickly early on and you can seize lots of land to help with maximising your faith output, and so you don't have problems with loyalty by stretching your empire across the tundra latitudes. The -25% culture doesn't even matter because less civics = more culture. ). You need to convert as many cities as you can. It's not a catch-up mechanic because the AI doesn't properly beeline, which means on the higher difficulties they'll have more techs than you, but the techs you have are more expensive. It'll let you use your huge faith output to buy Cossacks, and you can get faith from pillaging - especially useful considering Cossacks have access to a promotion that makes pillaging cheap. Throw in some trees or other lavras/districts, and it's not unusual to get +7,+8, even +9 faith generating lavras. However, I think Russia in Civ 6, despite having the same mechanic, makes it work in a manner which isn't really annoying to play against. As I finished exploring that area, it only let me get two cities along the tundra, although they will both have lavras with +8 faith, which is good. My guess is no.

I haven't got around to making a Rise and Fall version of the Russia guide yet, but most of what's in the vanilla guide still stands. For the second tier, the Grand Master's Chapel is a good choice. More culture will help you get to theocracy sooner which is when you finally unleash your apostle spam upon the world. The agenda's name comes from one of Lenin's more well known works (he was an avid author and critic), What Is To Be Done? And this is without buildings. The extra territory is extremely nice, as borders seem to grow slower overall in Civ 6 - it means you're less likely to get good tiles stolen when settling near the AI and you'll get more options when choosing what to work throughout the game compared to another civ. Use the Dance of the Aurora pantheon in combination with Lavras surrounded by tundra forests and your faith output will be incredibly strong, making an early religious victory more than just a possibility. I'm not sure if firaxis would stretch to making a "collective farm" UI. Seeing as Russia never has much trouble getting large amounts of great writers or artists (especially with Divine spark), and getting great scientists isn't that hard either, the ability is mostly useless. By greatly speeding up Settler production, you can quickly seize a lot of land in conjunction with Russia's civ ability.
Since last week's discussion, I also have two compilation guides that delve into every civ.

There's good synergy with that. The Cossack is an amazing unit, almost entirely because it can move after it attacks. Lavras make securing a religion easy.
This helps you from turn 1 and allows much more optimal district placement as you have more tiles to choose from. I just finished my last CiVI game with Russia the other day. +1 Faith and Production on Tundra is a reasonably ok bonus. Russia is an even bigger threat for early religious victory if they can get some Golden Ages going. Amundsen-Scott Research Station (Atomic era, Cold War civic) - This wonder's bonuses are good by themselves, but what makes this wonder particularly worthwhile for Russia is that you can deny other civs from getting it. With the Russia territory bonus you can work the 5f tile right away, meaning this city is growing very fast at the start. Not only will you be generating so much more faith, you can get your cities lavras all clustered next to each other, giving you even more adjacency bonuses! This gets better later on once alliances start adding to your international trade yields as well. He should be fairly friendly to you once you catch up in tech though that may take a while and conflict will have already happened. This Golden Age dedication should make it easier. While this stops you settling new cities, it makes internal trading much stronger, helping your cities to grow in low-food tundra-heavy environments. Russia is the one and only civ I have won a religion victory with, and if I remember correctly it was extremely easy to pull off. Burning Questions of Our Movement, in which he sets in stone some of the primary ideas of the Leninist branch of Marxist thought (chiefly, the idea of a vanguard party); the phrase "what is to be done" would later become very much associated with Lenin and the Bolshevik movement as tensions rose with the Tsarist regime. To do that, you need to make a lot of apostles. Cossacks are really strong, but they somewhat suffer from this branch of technology being too weak and from the huge gap between the horsemen and cossacks (after all, you don't really wish to be building stuff from the scratch - upgrading is too efficient). It's also slightly more annoying to declare war on Russia early since their borders grow out faster and troops have to be put a bit further out when you declare war. Russia is encouraged to take terrain that would be marginal for other civs, meaning more land is left for those other civs to settle.

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