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It is therefore possible that brain fog is due to some impairment in brain activity, coupled with the effect of an imbalance in neurotransmitters (brain hormones), impaired energy production within the brain and/or low oxygen and glucose supply to brain cells. Try to put the meaning of brain fog into words is difficult. “I certainly would like to see drug development” she said. Sutton is one of these people, although she says COVID-19 has made her brain fog even worse. Poor air quality, extreme dieting, prolonged fasting and so on may all contribute to this mental impairment. There’s also research that shows more people with endometriosis have depression, which can contribute to brain fog.

"Certainly on its own, it might not necessarily be something to be concerned about.". "Particularly these days, people are not getting the right amount of sleep, and anything can disrupt sleep," he says. It is a common term that people use to describe an impaired mental state and for medical purposes it is often labeled as mental impairment, confusion, poor memory or an inability to concentrate. These MRIs reveal shrinkage of the hippocampus, a part of the brain associated with memory, during the transition from normal cognitive function to mild cognitive impairment. The inset on each MRI is an enlarged view of the right hippocampus. Christina Sutton was diagnosed with COVID-19 in July. It may also occur with nutritional deficiencies. Christina Sutton feels similarly. No. “It's, oh no, these people who won't be able to have a job, these people who won't be able to think straight, these people whose families are not going to understand.”. ... meaning … It's also unclear if brain fog in different conditions is actually the same, since brain fog is a generic term that can refer to a whole host of cognitive symptoms. These people, some of whom have been sick since the very start of the pandemic, sometimes complain of breathlessness, weakness, rashes, and heart palpitations. The exact way in which sleep benefits the body is unclear but it is known that there are a host of imbalances that arise with inadequate sleep or poor quality sleep. Most of us look at brain fog following an overindulgence in alcohol as part of a hangover. However, it usually subsides with time and rest and mental clarity restores provided that there is no further alcohol intake. A lack of sleep can impact how well we can think the next day. But she said without more research, it’s hard to say. Sleep is important for physical, mental and emotional well being. “The bottom line is that there is not enough data to make a definitive statement about how this disease works,” said Iadecola. There's still a lot we don't know about how coronavirus affects the brain. Further, you don’t know what to do about it.
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Probably the best way to describe brain fog is like the mental symptoms you experience after missing a night’s sleep or waking up with a hangover. Patients often say “they cannot concentrate, they cannot remember as well, they feel like they can’t do anything,” he said. This activity is largely due to the propagation of electrical impulses in the nerve cells that constitute the brain matter. Even repeated episodes of such mental exertion usually does not lead to permanent brain fog. Some of those with the virus can experience neurological symptoms, from minor ones like loss of taste and smell to serious complications like strokes, he said.

Therefore inadequate sleep will understandably have an effect on mental functioning which may be described as brain fog. She frequently struggles to recall words, even though she has a good vocabulary. While we don't really understand how these things influence brain fog, he says, "it's interesting that all those things also affect the microbiome as well".

Other serious coronaviruses, like SARS and MERS, can get into the brain and cause long-term cognitive effects . An adequate supply of glucose and oxygen is necessary for the brain to function optimally. For example, switching off your phone while you're working, or your email and social media notifications, so you can just focus on one thing at a time. First of all, take a look at your lifestyle. “Right now, there is no FDA approved drug for this illness.”.

Mashable, MashBash and Mashable House are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. However, sometimes past events that were emotionally taxing may have an impact many years or even decades later. "Sometimes small changes in thinking can have a big impact on your quality of life.". The symptoms of brain fog may include: However, these brain fog symptoms are not the same as learning disabilities, mental retardation, or other mental health illnesses. Even a momentary dip in blood oxygen and glucose can affect the brain. Excessive alcohol consumption can impair brain functioning for hours or days afterwards. One of these symptoms is brain fog, and it's one of the least understood. She also says that when her brain fog was worse, her memory was so bad that she would leave post-its all over her house to remind herself to complete daily tasks. It's not like a mild cognitive impairment which can be a precursor to Alzheimer's, but it is enough to have a substantial impact on someone's life, she says. These disorders affect connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. Initially brain fog is part of intoxication.

As the world nears eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's becoming clear that a portion of the over 44 million people worldwide who have become sick with the virus are not fully recovering. Now, she’s about to start graduate school for art therapy, hoping that this new career will be one she can cope with. Here's why, Twenty obstetricians threaten to walk out of one of Sydney's busiest hospitals after four newborns die, Live: New Zealand says it's too early to allow Australians in without quarantine, More Melbourne locations added to list of possible COVID exposure sites, Very few countries are untouched by coronavirus.

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