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That is the main worry now, isn't it?

Newspaper accounts of the Elizabeth Short case infer that people of this type may have committed the crime. He was a windy blower. In addition, VETCHER stated that the victim told him that she was going with a man whom she did not like very much, but she stated that she did not want to hurt his feelings by stopping to go with him. On October 22, Glen Kearns, who lived at 2332 Gale Street, drove Beth around town all night looking for a place to stay . He knew Beth and Lynn Martin. Former roommates of the strikingly beautiful 22-year-old girl were placed first on the list of those to be questioned. It was in Santa Barbara, while living with Vera Green at 321-C West Montecito Street, that she was arrested on September 23, 1943.

Undercover man ostensibly went to work as a automobile salesman out in Hollywood area and he was watching Hansen.”, During this time, Hansen told Brown about Lola Titus, which would later lead to Hansen saying, “get Brown for me,” after he was shot by Lola  in 1949.    We pass the gate. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Marjorie Graham worked  nights at the Pig Stand on Vermont Avenue, just south of Sunset Boulevard.

“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” ~ Marilyn Monroe. "I did not reside in the same apartment house as Mr. Short but directly across on different streets. At approximately 11:00 a.m., officers received a telephone call from Anne Toth, who stated she was a friend of Elizabeth Short and was living at 6024 Carlos Street and that Elizabeth Short lived there with her, and that she was probably the friend referred to as Anne Todd. “I cleaned up a little bit and picked up Miss Short at 7. That next night he came by and we discussed the murder and read about it- and I know he had no idea who it was. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. To suggest possibilities:  The girl may have become involved in an altercation with one of the Queers or Lesbians over a mutual friend, murdered, her body taken into the meat market and dismembered, her affects burned in the incinerator, and her corpse transported via an automobile from  the parking lot to where it was found. He owned other properties around town, including his home on Carlos Avenue, behind his club. “When we got in to Los Angeles, she wanted me to take her to the Greyhound Bus Station so she could check her bags before she met her sister. On January 8, Beth called Mark Hansen in Hollywood for help.

It isn't possible, but I do hope that you find a nice young lady to kiss at midnight New Year's. Founder of Crime Viral community since 2015. The front of the shorts were covered with blood.’ Doesn’t remember how much was on the skirt. The officers requested that the Coroner and the County Chemist analyze the vital organs chemically to determine for one thing whether or not her body contained narcotics. Got out probably around June 3rd. Red Manley, who drove Beth up to Los Angeles from San Diego, did not go to the police when he heard about the murder. A question of shortage of rooms, he said, ‘I’ll sleep with J. J.’ He got quite a laugh out of that, I wouldn’t  sleep with that fellow, not even in the same room, unless I was wide awake. There were two photographs of women and more of men. Frances Campbell, a waitress there, identified Beth by a photo shown to her by authorities. She was one of the loveliest and most shy girls working for me.". Elizabeth’s face had been slashed from the mouth to the ears to give a sinister “smile” effect, sometimes referred to as a “Glasgow smile.” A tattoo of a rose had been sliced from her thigh and placed inside her vagina. George was also employed at Jay Farber Associates in “Cosmo Alley” in Hollywood. The Vogue was across the street, next door to the Musso and Frank Grill. When asked by authorities later, he couldn’t recall if he did or not. Authorities stated, “He and Bill Robinson were both reluctant informants.” They also said, “It should be noted further that this suspect, Marvin Margolis, is the only pre-medical student who ever lived as a boy friend with Beth Short. The old haunts around Hollywood are disappearing. In 1926, Hansen built the Marcal Theatre as a playhouse. His room and automobile were searched and inspected by the Scientific Investigation Division. They asked that she be invited along with them. Mama said she got a strange feeling.

Betty called me and told me about it. She works so hard at home taking care of the furnace and keeping the house up, besides working herself. Don't know what prompted this from me.

The Chancellor of Hollywood, as it was then known, is located at 1842 N. Cherokee, two blocks north of Hollywood Boulevard.

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