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The other day, I came across a reddit post regarding how USB 3.0 can mess with wireless devices. My headset had been choppy a lot then just stop for months on end and do it for like 2-3 weeks at a time. Your one source for all things Xbox on Reddit! I feel like this should work and I'm missing something obvious. Edit: Okay it worked fine with a micro USB power charging cable I had.

I also tried many different controllers and every single one of them randomly disconnected at some point. Select Settings. Wait, this actually just fixed my Xbox one x WiFi disconnects that I’ve been having for the past like 2 years wtf. Wow that's interesting.And I will consider just buying a wired controller. UGREEN Micro USB Cable Nylon Braided Fast Quick Charger Cable USB to Micro USB 2.0 Android Charging Cord for Samsung Galaxy S7 S6, Note, LG, Nexus, Nokia, PS4, Xbox One Controller (10ft, Black) 4.6 out of 5 stars 15,153 Can you plug in an XBox One controller to an outlet without batteries and then connect wirelessly to your console? I look at my controller to see the flashing xbox logo and it would eventually reconnect. Hopefully this helps out with anyone who has this issue. Cookies help us deliver our Services. They are cheaper which helps and you don't have issues with bending/breaking like you do with 95% of USB cables. Around the time I got my new console is when I started to notice that my controller was getting randomly disconnected. Really fucking weird. I bought a power adapter with USB inputs that I have plugged into the wall socket by my couch to charge my phone. It was probably the "XBox One controller for Windows". Doesn't come with one, but you can get them cheap. It's basically a regular Xbox One controller with a 9 foot long micro usb cable. We were talking with another mate and we asked him if he had anything new on his network recently and he mentioned the roomba so we told him to turn it off and boom, all his problems were solved. So far 0 issues. Then, one day I wanted to see if it still disconnects. Also keep in mind that cell phones cause a lot of interference with just about everything. You can plug it in and use it in wired mode without any batteries or plug it into a PC (a huge improvement over the 360 controller if you ask me.). Friend of mine recently bought a roomba that connects to the network and was getting constant disconnects from his controller and couldn't stay in a party for more than 10 seconds. So, what was causing my controller to disconnect? Then, the game would say that the controller is disconnected. What you want is called a "plug and play". So I was thinking that since the cable does only data, it doesn't interfere as much. Doesn't come with a cable, but you can buy any cheap Micro-USB cable and plug it in. It's like newer PCs where a flash drive screws up the wireless keyboard/mouse. I had a wireless headset that messed my connection up a lot, had to give up using it. I get the impression that plugging in is only for charging? bro this post is extremely useful for me. I would suggest to anyone having any controller disconnections to remove anything plugged into the USB ports and test to see if it solves your problem.

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Wired vs Wireless is 1.2ms vs 6ms latency. The reason why my controller was disconnecting is that I sat my usb 3.0 SSD on top of my xbox one X. I sat a usb 3.0 SSD on top of my console that was causing my controller to disconnect. I have an Elite controller. Been having these exact issues for a few weeks. After pouring through many different articles and posts, I was unable to get any kind of reason as to why this was happening. Even when I went back to my original xbox one, I still connected the SSD to my xbox and sat it on top of the console. I ask because I have a power outlet right next to me on my couch, but plugging in just causes the controller to blinks a few times and then turn off. What I didn't notice is I wasn't synced to my XBox One. I had this with my original Xbox, disconnected at the most inconvenient of times, other controllers did it also. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I plugged my controller to phone usb charger and no problem. But when I bought a wireless controller, it was just a standard Xbox One controller and all, and it did come with a plug in USB cable. It was mainly my headset but my controller would too. No, but the port is compatible with a modern day usb phone charger cable. If your cell phone is within 3 feet of your controller, it can also cause disconnects. Dude this happens to me and I have a ssd sitting on top of my Xbox! I was asking myself as to why my controller wasn't disconnecting when I used it back then.

But, I'm only speculating. They had reset themselves during a power outage and were in "setup" mode just blasting their signal causing mischief. I use the same cord and plug it into the controller to charge and I am still able to play wirelessly without having to plug into the Xbox one. I read about this site that discusses this. I'm thinking of buying an Xbox One. Or do you have to run a micro USB cable all the way to the console? At this point, I used my first xbox one to determine if it was a hardware problem with my One X. So plugging it into a power micro USB into the outlet works. Why would it matter?

Select All Settings. But when I bought a wireless controller, it was just a standard Xbox One controller and all, and it did come with a plug in USB cable. 3A Fast Micro USB Charger Cable for Sony PlayStation 4/ PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro/Xbox One/One S/One X Controllers (1.2m / 3ft, Red) 4.2 out of 5 stars 52 £4.99 £ 4 . Honestly though if you don't mind it, just snag a wired controller. To keep it simple, USB 3.0 interferes with bluetooth devices and other devices on the 2.4ghz frequency. I've always sat the external drive right next to my xbox since I got it and had no issues. Which is the longest I've ever been. The controller will function like a wired controller when it's plugged in. PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable – 2 Pack 10FT Nylon Braided Micro USB 2.0 High Speed Data Sync Cord for Playstation 4, PS4 Slim/Pro, Xbox One S/X Controller… HOLY ITS BEEN 3.0 THIS WHOLE TIME . Yes the controller can be plugged into the console but the cord is not included. As of the making of this post, I'm going on 2 weeks without any controller disconnections! I went to Amazon and got a 5 pack I think for pretty cheap. But, after many months of digging, I eventually found the culprit. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Random question, if you connect the controller with the cable, does it charge rechargeable batteries?

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