bard of life

After descending the mountain by himself, Jaskier wanders aimlessly for a little while. However, they’d work very well if they put their mind to it and could use their power effectively to destroy enemies, destroying the space they occupy to basically destroy them, etc.

Things around them might just, die, without reasons.

These players have the ability to shoot vines out, from the ground around their feet, in a haphazard manner. Thank you as a bard of life this was helpful.

A half-orc that is also half of a smaller race, A guy who just wanted to be a baker, but every time they try to get a job somehow they are pulled to saving the world adventures, A merfolk makes a deal with a druid to get legs and try to learn how to human (or any other race works), An animal that is a were-human and every night they have to try to ‘act natural’.
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jaskier is a simple bard someone saves his life, honestly just let him get swarmed by bards, it would flatter his ego and make him feel special, and also help him achieve his goal of being remembered, alta asking miraak questions about his life and wanting to know about his people, the witchers are invested in geralt's love life ok. esker: so when do we get a bard papa vesemir?? This bit is important for making sure relations stay good. The Bard of Life is one who invites destruction upon luxury, living beings, and nutrition and with those things, invites destruction. Among the dead.

Requests/Ask here. Always a peaceful tune to help ease their journey to the end. The bard is a master of song, speech, and the magic they contain. Theory used: There’s not much of a middle ground with this class. Icon made by indegoseahorse MOBILE USERS, PLEASE GO TO YOUR BROWSER IN ORDER TO CLICK ON THE LINKS. This effect will likely alternate between being conveyed onto their teammates and their enemies. This player has potential to become very dangerous and must learn to use their power wisely, as they could end up making their teammates kill each other if they abuse their power.

Things around them might just, die, without reasons.

The Bard of Space will be in charge of breeding the genesis frog, but seeing as they’re a destroyer class, they may not step up to the challenge, may end up hurting the frogs or something along those lines, so they will need a lot of supervision to make sure they don’t end up hindering the session. Good (and improving) processes bring good (and improving) results. The Office of Student Activities (OSA) offers resources to all student clubs and supports Bard’s academic mission by contributing to the social, cultural, and intellectual life of the College. They will likely be a little irresponsible, messy and not really the type of person you’d picture as the mother/father of the new universe. It deals with the raw life force of organisms and existence, as well as having ties to creation. Feferi created an afterlife  with dream bubbles, overcoming the challenge of the life aspect and allowing ghosts to congregate and exist together. Jane managed to revive her dream self after Jack Noir murdered her. The Bard of Blood is the one who invites destruction upon relationships, bonds, limitations and flow. Those fatally wounded guardsmen, soldiers, and knights who just can’t be saved. Kanaya often rearranged the space around her to make herself feel more comfortable. Gamzee takes Aradia’s time travel device, and uses it to travel backwards through time. He sings until they draw their last breath, and only then does he allow himself to cry among the ruin.

When we hear the term ‘The Bard‘ our minds immediatley spring to the name William Shakespeare.More specifically, Shakeseare is known as ‘The Bard of Avon‘.This is because he seems to have been given the title in recognition of his stature as ‘great poet’ and the unofficial national poet of England.

A Bard of Life’s ability is that they use actual life to root and damage their enemies through the use of thorny vines. Bard of Space: One who Invites Destruction of Space or one who Invites Destruction through Space.

The Bard class is mostly, if not completely male. So basically, if the Bard of Life gets out of control, the session is screwed. The Bard in this case is going to accomplish three things. Analysis Of Homestuck's Mythological Roles. Instead, Bards of Life are much better fighters when they are able to jump straight into the fray; there, they can cause a storm of thorny vines to erupt around the enemy, tangling, binding, and damaging all enemies caught. Life in the Residences The Residential Experience at Bard is lead by our Peer Counselors (PCs) who live alongside students and serve as leaders as well as resources for their residents. He can act passively and this side of him was seen when a secret of Scrooge and their mom was revealed. Maybe they're just jerks, or maybe they are trying to weed out those who don’t have the will to survive. They can control vines to make ladders or catapults for accessibility, but in battle, they have little to no control of their vines.

Players of life will have different variations of control over living beings in existence. If I ever reblog something of yours that you don't want reblogged, please contact me and I will be happy to remove it, and/or refrain from reblogging anything from you in the future, at your request.

We’re not even talking about what might happen if they “Tried” to destroy things.

A Bard of Life could bring about the destruction of life, as well as the energy needed to achieve goals.

Bards tend to hold the balance of the game in their hands, and a Bard of Life left unchecked can absolutely devastate a game. Let us not forget the greatest real-life bard of all time.

He loves the adrenaline rush he goes on adventures and has no patience for theory and the like. I do not do class analyses myself, nor do I take requests about sessions, relationships, fan trolls/kids, fan session, weapons, lands, fights, etc of any kind. A bard is one who invites destruction through , so in other words, they use something but do not have of it completely.

They basically turn over a new life and begin anew, with a fresh brand new life. You must have a Charisma score of 13 or higher in order to multiclass in or out of this class. this has probably been done already, im sorry, I guess I’m a meme now?

An attempt to reblog all individual classpect descriptions in a single tag-sorted archive. I do not do class analyses myself, nor do I take requests about sessions, relationships, fan trolls/kids, fan session, weapons, lands, fights, etc of any kind. And that said, they might be able to use their own wealth and lives around them to cause ruination of something, and we might even see them poison food to turn it into a source of destruction. However, he changes later to a more undetectable and sneaky way of destroying through rage, such as becoming Terezi’s kismesis and inspiring rage within her so much so that the relationship becomes very self destructive for her, causing her to do things like going on Faygo binges, restoring her sight although she didn’t want to, and even resulted in her and Dave’s relationship coming to an end. Master Lists: Drabbles, Imagines, Series and Completed Series. They can’t understand science or physics? There’s not a lot of variation in their personalities or interests. He’s there at each battle that breaks out, singing songs for the traveling bands of soldiers fighting against the Nilfgaard invasion at the time.

They would be obsessed with the concept of destiny and fate. But, similar to all Bard classes, Bards of Life have almost no control on using their powers. Sometimes he’ll stroke their hair or pat their shoulder as he sings, especially if the men are young. Heh.

She manipulated the regular rules of a scratch  - that the players cease to exist afterwards and allowed her friends and herself to continue existing as ghosts.

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