adoption leave policy template

3. Apart from pay, the employee will continue to receive any contractual benefits which they would normally receive if they were at work, throughout their adoption leave period. endobj hެ�]o�6�� 1 0 obj The University is committed to supporting best practice in relation to adoption leave and pay to enable working parents to balance the needs of work and family life. %PDF-1.5 %���� m ��U(Pu�r�Jud��)��0/t�@,=���X��,W���Cv?ÖƷf" �B����%�,���g,ߏQ-J(~$Uh����~���&,���)��5���n������. endstream endobj 417 0 obj <>stream Eligibility for Adoption/Surrogacy Leave An eligible employee adopting a child from the UK must; Be newly matched … Annual leave cannot be taken during a period of adoption leave. 2����/onTI���>ݘ�&���j�٨���+��p����:��L�C�8O. The University recognises that parents appreciate flexibility in how they provide care for their children and makes provision to support … are expected to return to the same job they did prior to adoption leave, but if that is not possible, a similar job on terms and conditions of employment which are no less favourable, have protection against detriment, disadvantage, unfair treatment or dismissal arising from the adoption or adoption leave, may be offered up to ten 'Keeping In Touch' (KIT) days during adoption leave without losing entitlement to adoption pay. 443 0 obj <>stream Staff who are on adoption leave on a public/statutory or customary holiday are allowed to take the day(s) of holiday at a mutually convenient time (ie agreed with their line manager). This can serve to give your policy more weight thanks to the backing of the law. The most common of these is an extended period of incapacitation. The intended parents in a surrogacy arrangement where they are eligible for and intend to apply for a Parental Order (or where they have already obtained such an order) making them the legal parents of the child that they are having with the help of a surrogate mother. ,�*�)8�� ��[���m3 �u0‚��f�4��WeE�]��N@��WS)i�/8ƭ} �;��z Up to two days (14.8 hours) reasonable paid time off will be provided in connection with the application for adoption. 1.2 This policy applies to all employees of the … During any unpaid adoption leave their active pension scheme membership will be "suspended". 1 Introduction . endobj Notification should be in writing and confirm the date adoption leave ended and the annual leave dates.

The University is committed to supporting best practice in relation to adoption leave and pay to enable working parents to balance the needs of work and family life.

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