ac odyssey home is where my mother is

In Home Is Where My Mother Is Walkthrough of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you will be returning to Sparta and to earn your place the king will give you three You must show this to Archidamos who grants you citizenship afterward. Destroy Paros’ Fleet Head for the King’s Chamber

Travel to Ruins of Plataia: Spider-Man Remastered will support PS4 game saves after a Thanksgiving update, How to get the cargo underneath Sudwella Monastery in Ledecestrescire in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Complete the main quest of Assassin's Creed Odyssey with this guide! In this support quest, you meet one of the two Spartan kings: King Pausanias and offer your services to him by eliminating the rogue Krypteia members.

If you did not, Lagos will walk away and hand you the artifact fragment as well as ‘Ring of Pausanias’. The cultist Silanos of Paros controls one of the ships. The quest is now complete and you will get ‘cult assassin armor’ and ‘encoded scroll’.

Conversation with Parios

Head to Lakonia on the Adrestia. Conversation with King Pausanias

You'll also have a series of naval battles in "The Paros Blockade" & "United Front". These are ‘Bully the Bullies’ and ‘One Bad Spartan Spoils the Whole Bunch’. Now you will have to find out who poisoned him. After this conversation, Lagos the Archon’s profile will pop up. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.

First, she wants to show you something. Rewards: 15,300 XP. After that Myrrine will ease the situation.

Follow Myrrine The Last Hunt of Nesaia

You must find Myrrine there too. Meet Stentor

You must now enter a very smoky war.

You will find the Stubborn Mule ‘Ainigmata Ostraka” in front of the statue. She will hold it and show you a vision from the past.

Send Ikaros up to locate Paios near the stadium.

AC Odyssey: Home is where my mother is Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. He will reveal right off the bat that he was working for someone.

He will reveal his master to be a cultist: Kalias. You can accuse either of the kings.

Kill all the enemies in this fort and converse with Lagos. Paios is the event organizer and thinks you are not up to the challenge.

Enter the Leader House Loot him and the bodies of the soldiers nearby.

Alkibiades insults the drunken Testikles.

She will also exclaim that if Nikolaos were here, he would be proud of you.

Escort Euneas You must travel to the Ruins of Plataia to talk to Stentor.

Speak with Myrrine

To begin Home Sweet Home you must first complete Unified Front. However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons, armor, and other details.

You will need to find and retrieve the antidote for Alkibiades and find out the cultist behind all this.

Pausanias does not contest the story and is exiled from Sparta. Find him whenever you wish to. You will find Myrrine here.

For this quest, you will need to go Lakonia and talk to Myrrine at Gytheion. Remember to destroy the weapon racks - they can be found, i.e.

Alkibiades asks you to take his place in the Olympic Games.

Talk to Testikles’ Trainer Not My Mother’s Daughter is a Side Quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The Olive Tree of Herakles is located to the northwest of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, where the road intersects near a hill with the large tree in the center.

She will take you to a house and again there will be a conversation.

Reach the marble quarry to attack the enemies. You will need to head to Paros afterward. After catching up with Myrrine, you'll trigger new quests that you can complete in no specific order. You will also meet and decide both Stentor and Deimos’ fate.

Enter the Leader House Punch him until he is down.

Wage War Head for Tegea If you chose to let him live in the previous episode, you may want to start your hunt of Champions here.

Mount Phobos and rush after Pausanias. He wants you to find Kryteia and pry for more information. She will stop by a tree on a small hill and dismount the horse, only to walk to the northern edge of the ledge. After helping his mother secure Naxos and learning the whereabouts of his real father, Alexios set sail for Lakonia to face his Spartan past and reclaim the place he once called home.
You need to get the oil from the merchant in Gytheion. Timo will be beside your mother and wants to move out before enemy reinforcements arrive.

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Fast-travel to the location or use the ship.

Your mother will say that they are here to reclaim their home.

After a short conversation, Brasidas will walk in and say he is headed for Pylos and wants your help. Defeat the mercenary and once he reaches the end of his life, you will be able to talk to him again.

You talk to Aspasia and apparently, think that Phoibe’s death was her fault. Follow Myrrine down the hill and towards your old house. Raj Shrivastava October 18, 2018.

That is it. You can now proceed to the next quest ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’. Talk to Myrrine

Meet Brasidas in front of the chambers. Explore the cave and you can find Deianeira there.

Find and Assassinate Pausanias

You will also meet and face off Deimos in the battle of Pylos.

Drop Myrrine off to the dock in Naxos and talk with her on the pier. You can find Deianeira to the Mount Helikon region.

He will be inside Archon’s safe house.

She connects that her youngest must be controlled by the cult and swears to get Deimos out. Dock the ship and the marker will give you the next objective: Alkibiades.

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