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As he too learned to master shadow magic, Cho'gall would see the truth in the Pale's prophecy. To win the Pale over, Cho'gall used their beliefs to his advantage and claimed that Horde was a weapon by which they could bring about the Hour of Twilight. The location of this NPC is unknown. Though he did not enter the tomb himself, Cho'gall was assaulted while defending Gul'dan from the Black Tooth Grin led by Rend and Maim, the sons of Blackhand, who had been sent by Orgrim Doomhammer to destroy the traitor clans that had abandoned the war on the Alliance just before the final push on Capital City. My strength... (Too proud! Cho'gall is an Elite NPC that can be found in Highmaul. He speaks in blood! Later the New Council of Tirisfal gave their powers to Med'an, and he teleported to Ahn'Qiraj, to defeat Cho'gall once and for all. Stasia eventually brought Garona back to meet him. [24], Cho'gall became the Chieftain of an orc clan after the previous one was executed for disobeying the Shadow Council. After their defeat on the Broken Isles, Cho'gall and his surviving minions sailed west to the mysterious continent of Kalimdor, drawn in by the whispers of the Old Gods. Blackhand let him try, and was pleasantly surprised when Cho'gall was able to keep the Pale obedient, effective soldiers almost overnight. In his capacity as a chieftain and as the right hand of Gul'dan, Cho'gall aided his master in the creation of the death knights and the Altars of Storms, and in the transformation of normal ogres into ogre magi. Cho'gall yells: Brother, it cannot be... (Destiny has come!) Cho'gall renamed the clan as the Twilight's Hammer, while all records of both the clan's old name and the chieftain's one were destroyed. In Dire Maul, He gave Gordunni Ogre power as a reward for his loyalty and work for the Twilight's Hammer clan. Until then, they had to keep up appearances to Blackhand and obey their true masters in secret. Cho'gall twisting under the influence of C'thun. After the battle at the Broken Isles, Cho'gall escaped to southern Kalimdor, where he took shelter within the chamber of C'Thun deep inside the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. On Heroic difficulty, Debilitating Beam also causes Corrupted Blood. Cho'gall yells: Behold the destiny of your fragile world! Cho'gall yells: (Come, brothers! The adventurers enlisted by the Alliance and Horde slowly work their way through the Highlands and dismantle Twilight's Hammer operations, before ultimately moving to try and destroy the Hammer of Twilight.

The Pale were prone to disobey orders and too many wandered off, never to be seen again. In Ahn'Qiraj, Chogall's "master" showed his displeasure at Cho'gall's failure by warping his body even further.

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