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Since we’ve been in every element of the bicycle business for over seventy years we are confident our Emory clientele appreciates the quality, durability and pride of ownership they have come to expect from one of the only true American made bicycle factories left in existence.
Our newest iterations have melded tradition and modern technology into the Best Coastal Bicycle you can buy!

The Emory Difference

Less is More
No one bike can provide every riding possibility. We set out to make the most durable and well-crafted, sophisticated yet simple to ride, maintain and use coastal bicycle. Not a cargo bike or a mountain bike or a road bike. Later maybe – but first the best Coastal Cruiser ever.
We presented the first cruiser bike ever made in 1976. The “Emory Mojave” changed everything. Later we made the last Western Flyer bike for Western Auto. We make our own tooling in house and today we use CAD, CAM, and CNC to provide an improved product second to none. And most importantly over ninety percent of our bicycle, frame, fork and parts are made in the U.S.A.
Back up and Guarantee
Every frame displays a unique serial number which is stamped into the head tube and our computers track the finished bike all the way to the eventual owner. We hold this information forever and it allows us to extend the ten year guarantee against defects in workmanship when the bike is maintained through us or an authorized dealer.
Civic Responsibility
Every Bike sold will generate a contribution to the Leukodystrophy Foundation in honor of Clayton Emory Smith IV (our C4 bikes bear his name) who succumbed to AMN in 2019 at the age of twenty seven. Clayton was an integral part of our family business and his dedication and hard work is sorely missed.
While wear and tear on tires and tubes, for example, cannot be avoided our use of tapered roller bearings with optional seals on these three moving parts: Headtube, Bottom Bracket, and Front Hub ensures years of maintenance free operation and when coupled with our Reynolds “921” Stainless Steel frames and forks one can expect decades of use not years.
Choice and Customization
You decide just what you need and want on your Emory C-4. Internal gearing is available up to seven (7) speeds but you might decide the three or even one speed is sufficient for your application. You pick your tires. Mens or ladies mild steel, stainless steel, or titanium frames. Five different anodizing choices await you as well as your choice of seat and many more options.

Our Team

Left to Right: Seabrook Smith, Clayton Smith, Stephen Boss

Clayton Smith

After five years at Jacksonville University and a stint in the Army as an Intelligence officer, Clayton Emory Smith II followed in his father’s bicycle footsteps. In 1976 he and his father started Emory Manufacturing Company to replace the Industrial bicycles they had been selling as distributors for Arnold Schwinn and Company; after twenty years Schwinn elected to decouple from all their old distributors. Clayton and Willard Sales being one of twenty or more. Bringing tooling from Rollfast in upstate N.Y. Smith began production and shortly turned the Industrial bikes into the first cruiser bicycles; later, Emory would make the last Western Flyer nostalgia bikes. Sadly production ended in 2000 as all bike manufacturing left for China and Smith’s parts supply chain dried up. Since 2010 Smith has designed the “new” Emory line of retro coastal cruisers; together with most all of the parts. Full production commences in 2021

Seabrook Smith

As a two year old he became the only Smith to ride a bike without training wheels before three. The tradition was by three, like his father, but Seabrook was destined to be better. A true Emory bicycle heir.
Seabrook has attended every bike show like the North American Hand Made Show (NAHBS) and every One Spark in Jacksonville except the first. He has personally hawked our bikes since he was a kid and made loads of friends along the way. His bio in his own words:
Seabrook Emory Smith; born into the emory Bicycle family. An Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow with the Boy Scouts of America, attended University with many years of hands on manufacturing business experience.

Stephen Boss

Meet Stephen with a “P.” Stephen told me why he has a P in his name and it’s a good story should you ever have the honor of meeting him in person he will instantly come across as one of the most engaging and dedicated men you’ll ever meet. Yes, he is dedicated to bicycles in general and Emory bicycles in particular.

I had no idea that he had been collecting Emory bikes from all over the country for years when he came into the shop one day and was the most fired up person I think I’ve ever met; wanted to ride an Emory bike down the coast of Florida. That was many years ago and Stephen, a master printer by trade, has been with us every step of the way since we first met. He’s a family man with daughters and new son so I’ve been able to disabuse him of that epic journey for a while, besides if we are going to get bikes out on time we need him here. His ability with tools or selling Emory’s is second to none and he has headed up many successful projects with his sidekick Seabrook. Together they make a formidable team.


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